#20 The Masala Khichdi House 

#20 The Masala Khichdi House 

Well we all know, khichdi is termed as “bimaro ka khana”. Who likes it ? Forget kids, we adults also dread having it. But if I make a honest confession, then it’s one of the most healthiest meal one can have at anytime of the day. 

So to make this boring meal interesting I decided to add some sweetness to our plain mundane masala khichdi, on my platter by creating a cute house setup.

The masla khichdi platter consists of –

  • The house made of masala khichdi, bread and chikki
  • Sun made of monaco biscuit
  • Tree made of cucumber and bourbon biscuit

Masala Khichdi recipie


  • Rice : Moong dal – 1:1 ratio
  • Vegetables – 1 tablespoon each of  tomato, frenchbeans, potato, carrots, peas ( you can choose spinach, cauliflower etc any vegetable availabile at home)
  • Ghee 1 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds 1 tsp
  • Cummin 1 tsp
  • Turmeric 1 tsp
  • Aseofotida ( as per taste)
  • Salt ( as per taste )


  • Wash the vegetables thouroghly and chop them into fine pieces
  • Wash the rice and dal and soak them together for 15-20 mins in warm water
  • In a pressure cook, take a little ghee and temper it with mustard and cummin seeds and aseofotida.
  • Add the chopped vegetables and sautte them till half crunchy
  • Add rice:dal and Turmeric and pressure cook the entire mixture. ( 1 fast and 3 slow whistles)
  • Open the cooker, add some more ghee to the khichdi.
  • Mix it well and plate it as shown in the picture.

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