#29 Happy New Year 2018

#29 Happy New Year 2018

Hey all Mommas out there, I am thankful to you all for giving me positivity in the year 2017. It was  your push that led me to start my blog and receive the appreciation I have got so far from moms and parents across the globe.

I cant be more thankful to the year 2017 wherein I achieved 2 great trophies of lifetime

  • Was Blessed with a Baby Boy
  • Started my Blog – something i purely own it

Well it’s now time to say goodbye to this beautiful year and welcome the new spirits, opportunities and mostly enjoy motherhood in a special way. And with this note I would wish to everyone of you  “A Very Happy and Healthy New Year”. 

2018 my Mom Food Mantra is to “Make Healthy, Serve Healthy and Eat Healthy”. At the end of the day we want to get fitter with time and not abuse are health in any form as motherhood can be demanding.

So Moms i take a pledge not to loose weight or inches but to induce healthy eating habits for myself, for my kid and for my hubby. I assure 2018 would indeed be magical with my magic platters.

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