3 Tips for Parents Suffering from depression

3 Tips for Parents Suffering from depression

Parenting for me never came easy.  There still are various challenges I face day on day and sometimes I seem to loose it. If that is the case with me, imagine how would it be for parents suffering from depression.

Parental depression can affect a child psyche, if it is not addressed wisely.  Research has stated that the risk of anxiety and depressive behavior increases among the child whose parents are going through depression and this definitely increases stress in the household.

On the other hand, the person who is affected is already facing struggles in their professional, personal relations, life duties etc. This affects the child – parent relationship in following ways.

Disrupted Bonding

When parents struggle with social withdrawal symptoms or basic low energy and dissatisfaction in life, they can’t engage with their children or address their basic needs. Because of this, children rely by themselves and get into their cocoon or the attachment with the parent is affected.

Copying skills

Research has said Mothers provide support an upset child whereas Fathers tend to encourage the kids. Depending which of the parents is suffering from depression, the child copying skills gets affected.

Parent Guilt

When you know you are suffering from depression, you may wish to change the behavior but may find it impossible. Also the negative thought patterns are not easy to subside. This increases self criticism that may shake a parent’s confidence increasing the divide between the two.

What should one do if a parent is going through the depression phase. Personally, I had seen moms going through a post partum depression but the year 2020 changed my understanding on the mental issue one faces. I have seen people loosing jobs to people had to shift back to their native land were all this created a chaos not personally but affected their kids in a major way.

Parents who seem to notice, they were suffering from depression have now be open then ever, because they do feel they have become ineffective parents and don’t know what to do. However, there are plenty of ways to find help or get treated. Not only this there are plenty of ways to also help child to cope with a parent working through mental issues.

Here I am sharing three tips for parents suffering from depression to induce in their everyday lifestyle.

Ask for a Professional Help with Parenting

It is advisable for parents to consult a psychologist, parent coach or counsellor who can define what kind of parenting style could be suitable to them. When to take the plunge or when to step away becomes crucial since one is managing their own symptom and guidance in this space can make parenting a little easy. Also professional help will help to understand their child’s behavior too thereby offering effective strategies and make it less a burden.

Help your Child

Your Child needs attention, love, understanding at this is their phase of development. Seek help from Grand parents, ask them to come over and be with the kids and spend time with them. You can also invite close relatives, friends who would be keen to support you in this phase of life.

Ask your co-parent to talk to them and take additional responsibility.

If nothing works get external help a babysitter who can acknowledge your child’s emotion and in return take away some parenting chores of your life.

Depending upon your depression symptoms and the child’s age, you may get a counsellor or a therapist who can talk with your child about depression and how to cope effectively .

Finding Joy in Little Things of Life

Generally people suffering from depression are too overwhelmed by emotions and when it comes to kids they are truly living in the moment. While you are doing the above two effectively, get your daily dose of motivation, inspiration and bonding time with them. Set a time table where you will be spending 15 to 20 mins doing fun stuff like playing a game, dancing together, eating popcorns, or running around with them.

Appreciate the small joys life is giving you in form of kids. After all they are the best stress busters one can have to get that smile on your face back. So start bonding with your child everyday doing things that can make both of you happy and bingo you will be close to healing yourself.

Well hope you found these  tips effecting for parents suffering from depression and would take the plunge to guide a parent if situation demands. It is important the environment supports mental health issues and can help together fight it and these are basic tips to begin with and solve the grass root mental issue. 

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13 thoughts on “3 Tips for Parents Suffering from depression”

  • It really does take a village to raise a child. As parents, we should acknowledge that we’re struggling, reach out for help, and accept help when offered.

  • When parents have a depression, invariably it does affect the child too. Coz it sets the tone of the entire house differently. Dealing with it the right way by getting help and talking it out n doing things that make you happy can really help.

    • These are some amazing tips Sonam. I totally agree with you that happy parents make happy children. Parenting guilt is one of the main reasons that make parents, especially moms feel dissatisfied and depressed. Right from the moment we deliver our babies, we moms are constantly judged. Nevertheless, it is very important to seek professional help so that we can stay happy and raise our kids to be happy.

  • Being a parent in 2021 comes with its own set of challenges. I personally know of a lot of parents who struggle with depression. You have listed great piece of advice here. Seeking professional help to get rid of depression isn’t necessarily such a bad idea.

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