4 skills my toddler developed during ganpati festival

4 skills my toddler developed during ganpati festival

There is silence in my society today, as the 7th day ganpati has bid adieu to us. I personally feel the festival has ended today since i cant hear the melodious bhajans, cannot participate in the aarti/puja, enjoy connecting with faces i did not know once and moreover be happy and lost in the spiritual, positive, vibrancy around me. 

However, I am so happy and thankful to our society members who had organised to celebrate this festival. Because I never imagined my kid would come back home with so much of learning that i never planned or foresee it. Although BabyKJ took 1-2 days to adjust with the changes in the surrounding, he ultimately was just so happy and picked up skills during the ganpati festival

So without wasting much time, I am sharing 4 skills my toddler developed during ganpati festival


Kiaan has always been a mom’s baby. He always clings around me or sticks to me like glue. But attending and being part of this celebration he started communicating with others, playing with kids elder or similar to his age, started going to people whenever he felt like and interacting with everyone. Since a long time I waited to see this side of him and I was super happy about it


Happy environment acts as brain boosters for kids. They tend to pick up certain  developmental skills and start to understand the true meaning of it . For example whenever Kiaan heard the aarti he use to clap and feel good about it.  He use to dance with others on bhajans/ songs and hold his head with pride on his behavior.


Kids learning pace fastens when they dwell in such positive environment. He now knows we need to say ganpati bappa moriya, pray by folding the hands together, take aarti with his hands, decorate bappa with good clothes and jewelery etc. These are small things but for a toddler the learning process happened within 7 days.


The impact of this 7 days celebration has been so much running in his mind that whenever I cross a pandal or he sees an image of bappa on the streets he tells me “moriya” or “jai jai” etc.  I would rather say his memory power has been boosted and he remembers and tries to interpret things he see. 

This larger than life festival has improvised my toddlers behavior and enhanced his skills set.  For those who participated in this festive occasion, I am sure you would too have noticed some positive development in your kids. Plz feel free to elaborate this pointers ans share your experience with me and others by commenting on this post. I would love to hear from you.

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