#44 Help the Haathi

#44 Help the Haathi

Hi folks, yesterday evening i just witnessed the gigantic parade of elephants at “Infinity mall, Andheri”. Beautiful crafted elephants stood tall in the premise, cheerfully waving to the pedestrian passing by.

But as pretty they were, it was very devastating to learn about the plight of the breed. Apparently asian elephants are one of the endangered species in the world whose number have fallen down by 90% in past 100 years primarily because we have occupied their space. With a view to safeguard the species and provide them a dedicated space, several artist joined their hands together to create these beautiful masterpiece, to auction it and get relevant funds for the project.

With such a thoughtful approach, 101 elephants began their march in the city of mumbai from “The Gateway of India” with a simple pledge #helpthehathi. The parade then has diversifed across the mumbai city and being lucky as I can be, I got the opportunity to witness them in a mall near by my house.

Having said that, when i came home i could not resist to be a part of this initiative. I know for the fact i cant make sculptures ( i wish i was an artist) , i know i could not make the donation. But all i could do is just pen down my creativity through my foodart.

I know it won’t be beneficial to the elephant society but someday I would love it, if I could be a part of such beautiful causes through my foodarts because this is one skill set i have which I assure you would keep improving and make it better for future days to come.

Plz fellas, do share, comment provide your feedback on this particular foodart.

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