5 Best Natural Baby Wash Products to check out for Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

5 Best Natural Baby Wash Products to check out for Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

From the very first day, your baby is born you need few essentials ready in place for your newborn child. After all, we don’t want to purchase a product that may irritate your little one’s sensitive skin. One of the first things, that goes into your hospital diaper bag is Baby Wash. 

At this stage, It is very crucial to use the right product. Since most of the products contain a lot of chemicals. A baby’s skin can face dryness, irritation, itchiness and even serious ailments like eczema. In fact, water alone can cause dryness and hence it is important to make the right decisions from the beginning.

So why use a Baby Wash?

Babies have extremely soft and tender skin which we love caressing all the time. Well, this also makes their skin susceptible to absorption of foreign chemicals, damage, dehydration etc.

  • Babies skin is Thinner than Adults – It takes almost a year for babies skin to be strengthened enough to fight external properties.
  • Babies skin is sensitive to dryness – Babies have thin skin. Therefore the moisture content is lost faster. At the same time, if we use the wrong products, the child’s skin may turn out to be dry.
  • Babies have less subcutaneous fat which makes it easier to absorb toxic substances.

As parents, it is necessary to take the right precautions and make the correct decision. Hence, I am here to make your task easy. I will be sharing the products you should opt for babies, toddlers and even little older kids and just purchase them in the blink of an eye.


Aveeno Baby Wash is specially designed for babies having sensitive skin. It contains natural oat extract which helps to soothe the skin and has good nourishing properties. It lathers well and has a mild fragrance too which I love it.


  • The Oat extract contains 5 vital elements like lipids, proteins, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants which is healthy for the skin too
  • It is one of the brands recommended by the Paediatrician.
  • It is hypoallergenic, has tear-soap free formula and Paraben free


The second brand on my list is Mother Sparsh. As the name says it all, the ingredients used in formulating this product is obtained from plants, contains essential oils and herbal extracts. This ensures the product is gentle on the babies skin as it contains no harsh artificial chemicals.

  • The baby wash formulation is made of Certified Organic ingredients which in itself is a welcoming choice for the parents
  • It contains key essential oils like Chamomile extract, Olive oil and Coconut extract which soothes the baby skin
  • Due to the presence of the natural substance, the fragrance is pure and refreshing, making everyday bathing essential for my little one


  • The brand offers a Complete Bio Care formulation which gives instant relief to any sensitivity issue faced by the kids.
  • The brand certifies that its product is free from Paraben, SLS, Formaldehydes, Dyes, Silicon’s and various other chemicals that go into making a baby wash brand
  • The product also contains essential oils like Calendula oil, Avocado oil, Chamomile oil & Grapeseed oil. These oils help to give that extra glow and nourishment to the skin.
  • The formulation of the product is Tear-free and has anti-inflammatory properties making it safe for babies

As we are moving into a world that is getting conscious and moving towards naturally based products, it is a great start to see Mother Sparsh establishing its presence towards a bio-degradable future. As a user of Mother Sparsh products, I feel not only the product is a great boon to sensitive skin type kids but it also adds softness and smoothness to your little one’s skin. And because of the right mix of essential oils, I have a question to ask – What is Dry Skin ???


Interestingly, I stumbled upon this brand on a travel trip and it made it to the third rank on the list. Maate Baby wash is a natural cleanser that makes the baby’s skin supple and radiant. The wash contains key ingredients like Oats and Licorice extract which makes the skin fresh and healthy.


  • The presence of Oats ensures rich saponin levels which help to maintain the skin’s natural oil and reduce dryness
  • The product also has Neem Leaf extracts and Lavender oil which acts as a great antiseptic whereas Licorice extract acts as a great cleanser
  • The baby wash is paraben-free, mineral-free, sulphate free and free from various other harmful chemicals. No colour, no fragrance nothing is added to enhance the properties of the wash to the extent even packaging is free from dyes and chemicals and is 100% recycled
  • An interesting bit that made me tick is the products are handmade and made in small sizes


The next on my list is Sebamed, primarily because the pH level of the wash is 5.5. The low pH level makes the brand stand apart from its competition. At ph5.5 the lipid and moisture level is minimum and the growth of pathogenic bacteria is restricted. This makes the skin’s natural protective barrier remain intact


  • The baby wash contains botanical ingredients
  • The product is free from any irritants
  • The tear-free formula is free from formaldehyde
  • The pH 5.5 level ensures that the baby’s delicate eyes are not irritated


This baby wash contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Cucumber Gel. Both the ingredients together make the skin smooth and silky. As the name states, this baby wash can be used for both hair and skin both and is a one-stop solution


  • Aloe Vera helps in reducing itchiness and cucumber gel is a good soothing agent. This makes it a perfect combo for babies with sensitive skin
  • Also, the product contains essential oils , Vitamin E along with Jojoba and Olive oil. The presence of these rich oils acts as a great moisturizer.


5 Best Natural Baby Wash Products to check out for Your Baby's Sensitive Skin

How do I Choose which Baby Wash is beneficial to my child?

  • Ingredients – I recently have shifted to plant-powered formula products. They have the best of the ingredients to keep the skin hydrated and soothing in the scorching heat.


  • Fragrance – I prefer a mild scent over no fragrance or overpowering fragrance. It’s a personal choice one has to take. I prefer a fragrance that is natural over artificial


  • Safety – This is extremely important. I generally prefer organic, certified or pediatric recommended products. It’s a personal choice to shift to natural plant-based products because undoubtedly they are the safest.


Hope this information has helped you in finding out the best baby wash you need for their sensitive skins. If you are looking for various plant-based products for your babies, you can click here

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