Hi Moms, Dads & to be parents,

Welcome to my Blog

I am Sonam Jain, a mumbai girl who decided to document her life,  her creative zeals and some snippets of motherhood. However before you know me as a blogger let me give you a brief background about myself.

From a student of Science who had deep profound love towards Botany – Study of Plant Science as a subject shifted my course to learning Marketing, to meet the demands of modern India requirement. However, I always had this offbeat zeal within me and I took up the one of the different roles of my life time – being a Rural Marketing Strategist.

I have enjoyed this role learning about Rural Indian Consumer Psyche visiting the interiors of our country, attending Mandis, Haats and Melas and much more

However I decided to bid adieu to my flourishing career and decided to enjoy motherhood in isolation. During my pregnancy days, I had lot of time in hand and saw my sister struggling with her son to help him feed healthy meals. In the motive to help her out I randomly plated his rice like a smiley potato and he gulped it up, and then i made a second meal like a packman and he ate that too….well my creative side started showing up and that was the turning point of creating a new loving.

I started sharing my foodarts on social media platform when one of the well renowned parenting community on facebook saw my foodarts and featured my work on their platform. The motivation was so huge and enthralling that it gave birth to my second baby – The Magic Platter

The Magic Platter is my personal diary where I like to share about my parenting thoughts, foodarts for kids, recipes for family, fun content and also a source of help and information to new parents.

But that does not end there, being a Gemini i have traits and passion to learn loads of thing in life – like i wish to be a painter/ artist and share the inner part of being me , travel across the globe and create a review of vegan restaurants across the globe,  learn new skills of 2020  and more.

Whatever I do, I do with  sheer dedication and I am addicted to love and nurture myself and hopefully this inspires more people like me !!

With that note take a look at my website.