Bonding with Grandparents

Bonding with Grandparents

” Taali Paaro Choookraa… Maama laave Tooopraa.. Tooprraaa to Bhave Nahi… Mama Kharek Laavee Nahi”. A faint, fragile sound yet energetic and cheerful is resonating in my house after a good gap of 20 years. It is so sweet that my childhood memories are alighted and I cant be more thankful to be living in a society where grandpa’s and grandmom’s live with us.

As a child, i was extremely lucky not to have just grand parents but to live with great grand parents. They were the seeds to my belief in tradition, goodness in my persona and serenity in my upbringing. It is because of them I still have faith in

  • Those wonderful fairy tales i got to hear from them
  • Knowing my mother tongue
  • The quality of goodness they see in people
  • The ability to forgive and forget
  • The traditional food and the purity in it
  • The belief i have in my roots
  • Most importantly carry the sweet smile no matter in what state you are

Being with them gets the childhood in me and i am so happy for my boy that he too will be able to have the same guidance i got not only from grandparents but even from great grand parents.

As a mother, all i want to do is teach my child to love, believe and respect grandparents just by doing the following

  • Visiting them time to time – it definitely gives them immense pleasure just to see your sight
  • Talking to them. Grandparents want to share their wisdom, happiness and stories of life and all you could do be a good listener
  • Visiting along with them to their native land. Its a matter pride for any granparent to get their younger generation visit their roots
  • Providing them your support emotionally in their dwindling time of life
  • Most importantly just loving them back they way you do.

In the fast pace life we are living, my appeal is to the parents is no matter if you get along with your parents or in-laws, don’t pass the grudge fall on the succeeding generation. Just take out time for your kids to get to know their grandparents, you never know the scars can vanish and we can again live together in harmony and moreover your children are going to be benefited by it.

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