Being a vegetarian, i sometimes get bored of the mundane vegetable pulaos and biryanis. Although i love experimenting with ingredients, my experience has made me realize it is not only to do with taste of vegetables but the quality of rice is also highly responsible for the enhancement of taste and nutrition.

Having said that, i recently encountered a new basmati rice product online by “Popular Essentials”. Since eating rice is an everyday affair, i bought this 5kg pack of rice mainly bcaz of two reasons
✨ The pack is handy, reusable and rice can be easily stored in it
✨ It is perfect rice for cooking biryanis and pulao at a very decent pricing

Well, what about the taste ? I chose to boil the rice separately for the recipe i am to share and hence sharing a clear verdict of boiled rice from my side
✨ Grains turned out to be long and fluffy and did not break while mixing
✨ Grains did not stick to each other
✨ Although fragrance was mild, it had a perfect basmati texture

And if all of this still creates a doubt whether to opt for this brand, then head on to my recipie below

11/2 Cup Boiled Basmati Popular Essentials Rice
1 Small Brocolli
10-15 Pieces Soya Chunks ( boiled )
1 Onion
6-7 Garlic
1 tsp Cummin Seeds
1 tbsp Butter
2-3 Green Chillies
Salt as per taste
Coriander for Garnishing

✨ Wash the rice, add salt and boil it separately till it is 90% cooked.
✨ In a pan, heat the butter
✨ Add cummin seeds, green chillies and whole pieces of Garlic. Saute it for 1 min
✨ Add onion and saute it till it turns pinkish
✨ Add Brocolli pieces and saute till it turns tender ( you can add a little water to cook Brocolli faster )
✨ Add the soya chunks and saute itfor few mins
✨ Add salt for taste and the cooked basmati rice
✨ Garnish the rice with coriander leaves and serve immediately

Well i had some fun creating a healthy recipe for myself and my family. And i hope you to will try out the recipe and as always plz keep sharing tour feedback with me.

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