#1 Brand Review – Chocolate Chemistry

#1 Brand Review – Chocolate Chemistry

Mom : Do you want a chocolate ?

Kid : Thinking …(Is mom fine, she is offering me a chocolate without me asking)

Mom : Do you want a chocolate ?

Kid : Thinking …(Is mom fine, she is offering me a chocolate without me asking)

Mom : Do you want a chocolate ?

Kid :Errr.. Yeah of course.

Do such kind of conversations ever happen with your little one …Naaahhh.

I have personally not come across a mom who would say I want my son/ daughter to eat chocolates. Nor I have come across a kid who hates eating chocolates. And all of this leads to an ugly tug of war between a mom and a child. If at all the war ends, it’s thanks to all the dad’s, friends, relatives out there who let the kid win 😉

Well, Bhavika Ved Chad – founder of Chocolate Chemistry dealt with all the complaints of moms of her nieces & nephews on how sweet tooth could be destructive for their child. Being a good aunt she was, she decided to offer her ideas to moms on how to make homemade chocolates and add nutritive ingredients to it. With her idea’s being a hit among the mommy circle, one of the moms asked to start her own chocolate business which gave birth to “CHOCOLATE CHEMISTRY”

Chocolate Chemistry offers chocolates which are loaded with anti-oxidants, energy & immunity boosters, vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium which are key essential of growth, strength and immunity for our kids.

Bhavika has created 6 assorted flavors meeting the requirements of moms and kids together.

Product Line

assorted chocolate box

  1. Nutty Crunch : Flavored with every desi nut available like almonds, pistachios, cashews etc. Highly effective for kids to improvise the memory & instant energy boosters
  2. Healthy Munch : Flavored with oatmeal. Rich in fiber, protein, vitamins & iron. A perfect & healthy treat for the kids
  3. Omega Punch : As the name says it all , Omega punch offers healthy seeds like sunflower seeds, flax seeds etc.driving nutritive lifestyle from very young age
  4. Berry Blast : A treat to all berry lovers as the chocolate is loaded with cranberry & blueberry making their taste buds berrylicious
  5. Icy Mint : If you wanna feel refreshed just pop up this mint flavored chocolate
  6. Theobromine : After all kids love chocolates, don’t they ! So for once allow them just plain cocoa chocolates

My Personal Favourite

cartoon mould chocolate

  1. I love the Omega Punch because of it’s not too sweet taste and crackling seedy flavours which makes it different from the rest.
  2. The second best I love is Berry Blast which has a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavours very similar to fresh berries and a dash of chocolate

So all the lovely moms out there, enjoy the mouth-watering flavoured chocolates offer by Chocolate Chemistry.

For more details, Visit

Chocolate Chemistry :(Instagram / Facebook) : chocolatechemistrybyshrevika

Chocolate Chemistry Email :chocolatechemistrybyshrevika@gmail.com


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