Cooking made easy by Fingerlix

Cooking made easy by Fingerlix

As a mom, there are days i am over tired, exhausted and not interested in my doing my favourite job i.e cooking. And I want some magic hand which just prepares me home made tasty food in my kitchen. Well, to my surprise ” Law of Attraction” has proved true to me in this case – as to my delight there is one brand that has come to my rescue. My life has been simple simply because “Cooking made easy by Fingerlix”

Fingerlixfresh is a ready to eat brand offering a wide plethora of products like Batters, Mixes, Curries, Dals, Parathas and ‘fully-ready’ accompaniments to go with them. They have some amazing varieties like Multi Grain Dosa Batter, Different types of Parathas like Achari Paratha, Laccha Paratha etc, Puran Poli and lot’s more.

Product which I have tried

  1. Plain Idli/ Dosa Batter – We at home till date grind our own batter and seldom may opt for ready made batter from local outlets. At one such occasion, I bought the Idli-Dosa Fingerlix Batter and to my surprise the idli’s were soft and fluffy with no sour taste. I mean that is what you want right, hot steamed fluffy idli’s.

Fingerlix Idli Batter


2. Pineapple Halwa

I am a mom who craves sweet after a meal. It’s not possible to cook sweet treats for yourself in your everyday cooking. Also personally I believe it’s not a healthy way of living. But there are days when you want to pamper yourself and option for a quick-fix solution. And here I have one of my favourite sweet dish – The Pineapple Halwa from Fingerlix. It’s, has perfect sweet balance, appropriate texture and yummy to the tastebuds.

Pineapple Halwa

I highly recommend Fingerlix to mother’s who want to make cooking easy, believe in hygiene and want to enjoy home made flavours.

Enjoy the almost ready food packets and do provide your feedback

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  • I have never tried packed batter mixes. Always prepared it previous night. But thought of trying them several times so that in case need arises, they will be handy for use. Will try

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