#30 The Croissant Lobster

#30 The Croissant Lobster

It’s 10 days passed since new year’s & I had been lazy enough to go for grocery shopping. Finally I landed to a nearby mart with a bucket list and decided to get in action.

As I was browsing the different sections of food products I came across baked croissant offered by the brand Bauli Moonfils on the shelf. Generally I have not seen croissants in a packaged form like this and more so ever i was even more eager to taste the different flavours.

Finally I decided to purchase everyone’s favourite Chocolate and an off beat flavour Orange. But before I could try it out the foodartist in me was even more curious to make use of  the product in such a way that it acts a complete breakfast solution to the kids.

Hence I chopped some fruits and got my creative bulb thinking, only to create a cute yet strange looking lobster. Since I had 2 variants, I plated almost same design in 2 different plate only to get your suggestions.croissant lobster

In my house, my hubby voted for the white plating and the rest voted for blue. I am keen to know what is your opinion on it.

In the meanwhile, I am munching on this flavours and enjoying them with sips of coffee

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