EDUAURAA Changing the dynamics of Digital Learning in India

EDUAURAA Changing the dynamics of Digital Learning in India

The year 2020 has seen some remarkable changes in our lifestyle. From offices to schools, from shopping to classes everyone seems to be using the power of digital media across the world. Specifically with new reforms in India, education seems to be taking much needed change of meeting the requirements of the new, viable and Digital Modern India. Our kids as old as three years have equipped themselves to be using internet, software’s, apps etc so no sort of hindrance can come in their pathways of knowledge and learning.  And one of the new learning platform I seem to have come across is Eduauraa. Eduauraa is presented by India’s best media conglomerate the ZEE5 group which seems to be changing the dynamics of  digital learning in Indian landscape.

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What is Eduauraa and What does it offer?

  • Eduauraa is an online learning platform, best experienced on desktop and laptop, which aims to bring quality education to kids across the world
  • The platform offers animated course content for grade 6 to 12th std catering to 9 different boards of examination. The content is interactive in nature meeting the child’s requirements.
  • Every piece of content is tailor fitted to meet the curriculum requirement of the boards
  • All the course content meets two major requirements of our country – English and Hindi so language cannot act as a barrier for learning
  • Eduauraa is presented by India’s best media conglomerate the Zee5 group.
  • And one of the most important part is that it does not create a whole in your pocket as the basic subscription starts at 999/- only which is way too less than the tuition fees you would be giving otherwise

The Digital Learning Platform, Eduaaura has put its focus on The Three Pillars of Content that makes them different from their competition, more authentic and reliable and making it affordable and accessible to the masses.

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The First Pillar – Fun and Interactive based Learning

Eduauraa focuses on making video based content to meet the new age demand of learning and to also help kids learn at their pace. Videos are powerful story telling medium and the animated content becomes more persuasive and helps to process information quickly. 

The Ebooks are specially curated in house so that the kids can process information from the best authors of the subject/ chapter. One of the key elements that I loved about the platform is offering Mind Mapping Tools for each chapter. Mind Mapping is an effective way to help structure quantum of information by analyzing, comprehending information and retaining it back.

The Second Pillar – The Quality of Education

Eduaraa’s first pillars of strength are their teachers who are got on board only if they meet their screening requirements – number of teaching experience, subject knowledge, subject dominance, subject expertise and the curriculum they have been teaching. On an average a teacher with minimum 10 years of experience are taken on board. After all experienced teachers are the one who can mentor our  kids in the right direction.

The second pillars are their back end staffs who are visualizers, animators, editors etc who help teachers create the content they wish to deliver to the students. Since Eduaurra offers high levels of visionary aid to kids so their concepts and foundations can be best laid, the right person is chosen for the job

Quality Experts i.e a team of teachers from India’s top schools are hired to check the quality of the content created and offer their inputs for the best outcomes to be established.

The Third Pillar – Making them Future Ready

Each module ends with a Chapter wise test paper, quiz, practice test etc. which helps in self assessing and evaluation of your knowledge. There are MCQ’s and Long/Short tests which helps the child to constantly improve his knowledge and attain mastery.

For kids in higher grade, Eduaurra offers mock test, mentorship assistance, past 10 year papers and more.  If a kid needs a personalised support, Eduaurra offers assistance by enforcing positive learning in kids.

Also, the brand offers in-app features like Eduaurra Proficiency Quotient which helps in scheduling and analyzing the child’s progress among others.

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With high technology enabled application, affordable subscription packages and ZEE5 effective reach in interiors of our country quality education can empower the young generation of India. I am not a teacher or student but a parent who wishes to empower quality education to my child, with no second doubt and I definitely believe it provides a safe environment for kids and the brand is by far one of the best premium digital learning medium I have personally encountered that offers quality in education starting at 999/- only. Education now with ZEE5 Premium offering limited time offer up till 31st Oct. Basically with Annual ZEE5 subscription you can avail for entertainment and education.

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