Frozen Banana Nicecream

Frozen Banana Nicecream

Are you a lover of smoothie. It’s a “Perfect Sin” I must say. Thanks to the calorie conscious people in the world, I am the newbie who has developed a profound love towards it and i am here to showcase my version of smoothies that will not suit kids only but also the adults out there.

Technically I believe, it’s we adults who need to indulge in healt IUhy living thereby acting as inspiration to our kids.

Well, not wanting to give more Gyan I am here to share my first attempt in creating smoothie for me and my hubby.

Do try it out. I loved it.  My hubby Loved it. And i hope you too would love this nicecream.


banana smoothie


Ingredients :

  1. Banana 2 Large Size
  2. Rooh-afza
  3. Cinnamon powder as per taste
  4. Apple 1
  5. Walnuts 5-6 pieces

Method :

  • Peel of the banana and cut in small cubes
  • Deep freeze the same in a polythene bag or a covered vessel ( i had freezed it for 12 hrs)
  • Remove it from the freezer and immediately grind it in a blender till it achieves a rich creamy consistency 
  • Add some cinnamon powder & Rooh-afza
  • Mix it thoroughly again in the blender
  • Pour it in a serving glass
  • Add a layer of frozen apple followed by walnuts and again a layer of apple
  • Deep freeze for 10 mins
  • And the banana nicecream is ready to be served


Well this one was my first attempt and hence it’s the simplest of nicecream smoothies i have made. Soon to create desi version’s to suit the Indian palette.

Inspiration : Simple Vegan Blog 

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