Fun Food Art with Snoopy

Fun Food Art with Snoopy

I love making foodart for  kids. It makes me feel good as I watch a kid focusing his/her energy on the meal and enjoying every bit of morsel kept on the plate. Having said that someday’s I allow my child to indulge with his fancy food and just because it is his favourite, I still continue to make foodart for him in-spite of knowing he is going to eat his meal without any tantrum . Well, with that thought and his favourite food bread, I have made this Fun Food Art with Snoopy.

I am personally in love with this cartoon character. I find snoopy very cute. The makers have very well balanced his innocence and mischievous behaviour and that what draws me to this character. Well not many in India are Snoopy Fans, but it does not matter because as soon as I make this foodart, i bet kids as well as moms are going to fall in love with him. So guy’s so let’s begin with a Fun Food Art with Snoopy


To make this foodart you will require the following ingredients

  • Brown Bread
  • White Butter / Mayonnaise
  • Bread Stick
  • Veggies like – Boiled Corn, Boiled Broccoli, Tomato
  • Chocolate Sauce


  • Sketch out a design on a pen / paper on how you want the platter to look
  • Take two slices of bread and shape out the character snoopy.
    • The first slice I have used is to make Snoopy’s Face and Ears.
    • The second slice I have used is to make Snoopy’s Body, Arms and Legs.
  • The remaining bread pieces is used to make the roast stick
  • I have then applied white butter to the slices and placed it as needed as shown in the pic below

food art snoopy

  • Once the base is ready, place the remaining of the bonfire ingredients as shown in the picture below
  • Starting with bread sticks, boiled corn, tomato and  broccoli

snoopy food art

  • Finally work in minute details like eyes, mouth, stars etc with the chocolate sauce.
  • And your platter is ready to serve

food art snoopy

Well this was my first attempt in making Snoopy and I hope I did some justice to it. As usual, I would be looking out for your suggestions and feedback on this fun food art with snoopy and hope i can make some more snoopy arts.

In the mean time you can check out my other foodarts here.

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