Fun Food idea for breakfast

Fun Food idea for breakfast

I have been a monsoon fanatic since I was a young child. And why should I not at the end of the day I am a mumbaiya girl. And this year has been the best rains so far and I have enjoyed every bit of it. But with rains come some unhealthy eating habits like pakodas, fried bhajiyas etc etc.

But as I have started to become a healthy eater I am trying to follow a healthy eating pattern and breakfast is that meal of the day I cant afford to compromise on. So to get my younger on and other members to follow a healthy routine i created this season on my platter and made eating a fun time for all

To make the foodart we need the following


  • Oatmeal
  • Almonds
  • Apple


  • Prepare the oatmeal and pour it on the plate in the form of clouds
  • Cut the apple in half and place it at the bottom of the plate
  • Cut the apple in the shape of the stick and place it right at the center of the apple piece to make it look like the umbrella handle
  • At the end, place almonds randomly in the form of drops
  • The plattter is ready to be served

Isn’t it a perfect way to start the day and uplift your mood !!!

PS – I have made the oatmeal using Quaker Oats and Almonds using California Almonds


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