Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits

Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits

I love doing foodart for the kids. It’s super cute.. right ? Well it may feel tasking for some mom’s, as you might think a lot of time and energy is needed to create a platter and plus you need to have a creative mindset. Surprisingly that is not the case. All you have to do is get these summer fruits out of your fridge and begin to make some Fun Food Ideas for the Kids.

Summer is a perfect time to let your kids play and experiment with food. There are endless learning and teaching moments you can have with food and one of them is making food art for your kids. Food art is not only a medium to enhance a child’s imagination but also a great way to get those fruits and veggies on the plate. If you are dealing with a fussy kid, this is by far the best way to create fondness for food.

But before we begin, kindly ensure no matter what your child’s age is involve them in the food art making process. After they are done making a dog, fish or their favourite cartoon character, they will be much more excited to eat the platter. So, let’s begin!

Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits

Enjoy a thrill ride with a Mango Hot Air Balloon 

Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits

This is by far one of the simplest food art that can be done by a mom and child together. All you need is two ingredients – Watermelon and Mangoes.

  • Cut the mangoes as show in the picture ( like a checker board ) and place it on top of your plate
  • Cut the watermelon in triangle pieces and place it as mountains on the bottom of the plate
  • Take a piece of bread and spread cheese or mayo and place it below the hot air balloon
  • The balloon strings and birds can be made of the watermelon shell
  • And your food art is ready to go

Sail away with these Summer Fruits 

Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits

To make this foodart, kids will need some help from their mom’s specially to peel of the lychees and assemble it. All you need are these three ingredients – Lychee, Watermelon and Breadstick

  • Peel the lychees as place it as waves of the sea
  • Cut the breadstick into three parts of different sizes
  • Place the smaller one below, followed by a middle size and larger one at the top. The idea is to depict a boat 
  • Slice the Watermelon in triangle sizes and place them as shown in the picture above
  • To complete the scene you can add sun made from lemon or aam ras ( as i have made ), place birds made from fruit skin or clouds made of yogurt
  • The platter is ready to be served


Fun food ideas for kids with summer fruits

This food art is made only using one single ingredient i.e Watermelon. Seems one complicated structure but very easy to make. In case you want to make a similar looking platter you can click here

You can even check out few more fruit food arts I have made in the past to get your kids enjoy food as well eat their meal without watching TV/ Mobile. Plz click here

So mom’s, time to get artistic and show your magic. This way the kids are entertained and occupied and at the same time you are to earn the title of the Best Mom in the world. What else is needed when your little one eats well and plays well.

I hope you enjoyed these Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits and as usual i would wait for your feedback and suggestion. Do Comment below and share which of these summer food arts you have liked and don’t forget to share the post with your friends and family.

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