Fun way to eat Watermelon

Fun way to eat Watermelon

One of the most versatile foods of summer season is the Watermelon. There is so much to love about this fruit. You can plan to keep it simple or use it in making salad, juices, granitas etc and much more. Honestly i enjoy the fruit as it is but my lo does not. And so I came up with a fun way to eat watermelon this season.

This time, I have crafted a beautiful looking Flamingo made of Watermelon. The perfect pinkish colour matches with the Flamingo colour and hence this creation is one of my favourite. It’s not only a fun way to eat watermelon but also ensures kids get enough nutrition.

As difficult it make look this foodart was one of the simplest one I have done so far and i’ll share the steps with you.


  1.  I googled out a cartoon clip art of flamingo on the web
  2. Once i selected the design, I just divided the flamingo into 4 parts
    • head
    • neck
    • body
    • legs
  3. I cut the watermelon in a two halves
  4. I took one of the half side and cut it parallel to the thickness i needed – like a disc shape
  5. With basic kitchen skills I made the desired shapes and ensured not a inch of the watermelon should get wasted
  6. All i had to do now was assemble the shapes and make a flamingo out of it
  7. To give a perfect look of the flamingo I added
    • Apple and Prunes to make a realistic beak
    • And made eyes with a watermelon seed
  8. Voila, The Flamingo Watermelon was ready to be eaten.

Well this was one of the fun way to eat watermelon. You can make a boat, mountains and other cartoon character with it. And if this does not suffice you can create some smoothies, granitas just like I made a lovely Watermelon Chia Cooler for the summers.

Hope you enjoyed this foodart made with just one ingredient i.e watermelons. In case you want to try your hands on foodart, you can too start with one ingredient only and fruits are the best way to begin. To gain some ideas you can check some of my foodarts which I have made using only one ingredient

Well mommas, hope you liked this flamingo watermelon and do share your feedback and suggestions.

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