House husbands breaking the stereotype that exists in our society

House husbands breaking the stereotype that exists in our society

House Husbands, a term I had first come across after watching the Move Ki and Kaa. and to be very honest, I was completely in awe of the idea that men could stay at home and be the homemakers whereas women could explore their careers and work out without being questioned. I felt this was a great example of a progressive society. It is not only women venturing into new directions like becoming a cab driver or a scientist but it was even the thought of men working from home or being homemaker that will lead to change or break the stereotype that has been associated with gender since years.

Do House husbands exists in Reality ??

Well to be honest, I had not even realized I had married a house husband way back in 2013. Well I was a young, ambitious girl who preferred working 8 hours the clock in a corporate firm (then) and my husband who was setting up his business worked from home managing the house responsibilities way more then I did and balancing his work life. Well we felt it normal process of leading our life but I do quite remember the society was very judgmental about our lifestyle. Infact I even tried to convince few of them, by explaining my husband is working from home and not just an idle guy managing home. I won’t say I was ashamed of him being a house husband but the idea of explaining to people then was way difficult then what it is now. Although now it is a complete role reversal where I manage home and enjoy blogging while he has scaled up his business and works full time, I personally feel we are glad we could live this part of our life with lot of happiness and in an enriching way.

Life is about Choices you make and Men now are leaving no stone unturned to express their perspective towards being house husband.  One such house husband I personally know left his job to take care of his twin. While the society norm expects a women to leave her job and focus on the family, he chose to leave his job for his kids while giving the much needed space his wife demanded. This is what he had to say ..

Men fall prey to the Idea of Masculinity, that they feel the compulsion to act, behave and react as per the society norms and thus are assumed to be incompetent in taking care of their household and kids. Over the years, society has pressurized to behave in a distinct way but now its time to break the stereotypes that exists in already male dominated society and that can be done by none another then a Man himself.

MR. Rajiv

House husband has had its foothold in rural India too. One such village is Saudapur in Panipat district of Haryana that has nearly 600 house husbands. In fact, there are some families who now have a second generation of house husbands. This village now proudly lives with the dubbed identity as the village of “ghar jamai”. 

In shows like Satyamev Jayate, Amir Khan gave a classic example of Atul Aghnihotri who was a house husband. However his decision was not out of choice but circumstantial as he was on a mission to recover himself from the alcohol addiction. The idea of men being the primary care-taker is still emasculating in Indian society. 

The social role reversal is not easy, and both men and women will have to change their mindset for this to work. At the same time, men will also have to learn to do household chores and not expect women to manage both office and home!

Dr. Tank – Psychologist

The entire idea of trusting each other in this journey of honoring house husband can change when the society at large is ready to accept it. Till now, I had my doubts will the stereotype break but the year 2020 has shown an amazing shift in our thinking. People have started accepting the lifestyle changes one is making in every possible aspect of life. 

I lost my job in the covid times and I was compelled to stay at home. After a lot of thinking I have decided to pursue my passion and craft my business for which I would prefer working from home. On the other hand, my wife is in the government job, so we decided to go for a role reversal and its been 9 months we are going strong


Well, I am sure there are many men like Mayur who have decided to work from home or honour their wife’s job with pride. It’s a matter of time this stereotype will break on it’s own and house husband to be respected for the choice they make. 

As a parent of a son, my objective is to normalize the term house husband so that he can follow the path he wishes to take for himself. As we walk our way to modern wisdoms of the world, these gender stereotypes need to fade away with our actions and virtue.  Together you and me can make and break the stereotypes that have been unkowingly passed from generations . Instead of embracing and celebrating what makes us unique, we stand divided because of them. We have unconsciously learnt about stereotype so lets break the stereotype consciously !!  

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