Your kids will love these vegetarian tacos

Your kids will love these vegetarian tacos

Summers are here and so are the colourful butterflies making their appearance, fluttering around flowers and dancing to the tunes of soft breeze. These butterflies have drawn my attention to get my creative juices flowing to make a lovely foodart. While today’s dinner is vegetarian tacos, I am up to create this lovely creature on my platter and I bet your kids will love these vegetarian tacos.

Before I begin, I have not shared the vegetarian taco recipe here since it’s the basic one made from home cooked kidney beans. In case you are interested, plz let me know in the comments, I’ll be happy to share it.

Also you can make this foodart with your kids at home. More the participation from them and you more fun frolic activity it becomes and kids accept various  types of food easily. So for now lets your kids enjoy these vegetarian tacos.

Learn How to make a Butterfly Shaped Taco Platter ?


  • 4 Tacos
  • Salad like Carrot, Tomato


  • First cut the tomato in circle shape and carrot length wise
  • Place it on the platter as shown in the image. The idea is to showcase the face and body of the butterfly
  • Place 4 tacos as the wings of the butterfly as shown in the picture

Your Butterfly Taco is ready to serve and your kids will love these vegetarian tacos you have prepared for them. As a mom you are now their super mummy for crafting such delicious meals not only that taste well but also look well. At the end of the day all we want the kids to enjoy their meals and not be glued to the TV / Mobile sets.

And with such beautiful creations hope we moms can teach them to enjoy their food. In the mean time do share your feedback mommas and show some love as you always do !!

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  • Please start your Youtube channel. I love your food art. And really want to know how you do it and how you get the ideas. I am your fan 🙂

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