Learn to make Amaranth/Rajgira Almonds and Jaggery Ladoos for your toddler

Learn to make Amaranth/Rajgira Almonds and Jaggery Ladoos for your toddler

It’s been a while I have shared a recipe specially catered to kids. And hence today I am sharing a very special recipe which is liked by my little one. So, Learn to make Amaranth / Rajgira Almonds and Jaggery Ladoos for your toddlers. But before we begin let me give you a brief on the importance of Amaranth/ Rajgira for your child’s growth

Amaranth seeds are known as the royal seed in India. Its mainly consumed during fasting  as its easy to digest and keeps the tummy full for a long time. They are rich in nutrients and very much recommended to be a part of your child’s diet since toddler years for the following reasons

  • Contains more proteins and fibre
  • High in iron and calcium
  • Good source of  Vitamin A,B and C.
  • Completely gluten free and hence suitable for kids with gluten allergies.
  • Easily digestible, hence its ideal for small kids, pregnant ladies and sick people who are recovering from illness.

With such immense properties, it is recommended to start offering amaranth/rajgira as early as possible. These ladoo are one of the best way to include rajgira in the kid’s diet as the chances are very minimal a kid can say NO to them.

Learn to make Amaranth/Rajgira Almonds and Jaggery Ladoos for your toddler

Learn to make Amaranth/ Rajgira Almonds and Jaggery Ladoos for your toddler

Around 15 number of ladoos can be made using this recipe


  1. 3 cups roasted Amaranth/Rajgira
  2. 3/4th cup grated jaggery
  3. 1/4th cup powdered almonds (lightly roast almonds and blitz in blender)
  4. 1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
  5. 2-3 tbsps ghee
  6. 3 to 4 tbsps of water


  • In a bowl. add Rajgira, Cardamom powder and almond powder and set aside
  • In a pan , add jaggery and water on a slow flame
  • Allow the jaggery to melt in completely
  • Strain the water to remove impurities
  • Pour the jaggery syrup on the dry mixture while it is hot
  • Also add ghee at this stage to the mixture
  • Mix everything thoroughly with a spoon
  • Grease your hands with ghee and start making the ladoos quickly while they are hot
  • The ladoos are ready to be served


  • Jaggery syrup will be hot it may burn the skin if touched directly. You should be really quick in shaping ladoos, If the mixture is cooled down completely shaping the ladoos are difficult
  • If you don’t have roasted Amaranth then you can roast it at home as well.
  • Tips for Roasting Amaranth
    • Add a tbsp of Amaranth in a preheated heavy bottom wok. Keep stirring vigorously. The seeds will start popping.
    • Do this one tbsp at a time or it won’t pop evenly. One bowl of non roasted Amaranth will give you 3 bowls of roasted Amaranth.
  • The ladoos can be stored in an air tight container for approximate one month duration
  • This can be given to kids above one year of age

So moms what are you waiting for, just learn to make Amaranth/Rajgira Almonds and Jaggery Ladoos for your toddler and encourage them to explore healthy food more often. The more early you start this special ingredient the more likely they would have developed a taste for Rajgira.

But what if your baby is not a toddler, he/she is a grown up child and you wish to offer him these healthy ladoos but he/ she refuses because he has not developed a palate of it. Well, you can try your hands on foodart and offer these ladoos on a playdate or when there are friends around. The idea is simple, plate the ladoos like i did and just give it to the kids. It just take one kid to pick it up and viola all are going to finish the same

Learn to make Amaranth/Rajgira Almonds and Jaggery Ladoos for your toddler 

Since it’s the season of monsoon I have plated the Rajgira showcasing rains and birth of greenery around. This can also be one of the way to get into educative learning if you want to. To make this foodart you will need


  1. Amaranth/ Rajgira Ladoos
  2. Boiled Broccoli and Corn sauted in salt and pepper
  3. Bread with Mayo/ Cream Chees


  • Cut the bread in shape of the clouds and sprea mayo or cream cheese on it
  • Place the Rajgiral Laodd randomly on plate depicting as raindrops
  • At the bottom of the plate, place broccoli and corn salad depicting as plants that are growing because of rains
  • Your foodart is ready to serve

Well, I hope moms you will enjoy the recipe as well as foodart. Don’t forget to share pictures if you try your hands on this recipe. As usual, show some love, pour me with some suggestions and ideas and do give your honest feedback.

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Recipe Inspiration – GK Food Diary

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learn to make amarant/rajgira almonds and jaggery ladoos for your toddler

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