Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina

Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina

Diarrhoea, one of the most common ailments occurring to children specially below 5 years of age, is a common problem that may last a few days or may disappear on its own. I have a 2year old and I understand how frequent this can occur at this tender age.

Mostly children go through acute diarrhoea i.e lasting not more than 14 days. This can be because of seasonal variations specially before the onset of monsoon or at the end of dry summers, food allergies or disorders, lactose intolerance, problem with the celiac disease & inflammatory bowel disease etc.

As per WHO Diarrhoea is the second killer in the world. And these stats talk about how we are unaware of this mild – aggressive disease.

Considering to be privileged, I got to attend the #happytummiesmeet   organized by Enterogermina who shared some facts and broke my myths on diarrhoea, how to treat it and ensure to adopt probiotics before antibiotics for my child’s health.

The event started with a very informative session hosted by Paediatrician Dr. Zinal Unadkat who shared her wisdom on the subject. She expressed a very simple plan of action to treat kids with diarrhoea.

Managing Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina

Managing Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina

  • Offer as much of fluids containing electrolytes to kids
  • If the baby is breastfeeding, then the breastfed milk is one of the best way to have a speedy recovery
  • Maintain hygiene levels like wash your hands after every diaper change, change diaper immediately after a bowel to prevent rash, use water instead of wipes
  • Most importantly make use of probiotics to reduce the incidences of diarrhoea and ensure the balance of good bacteria in the body

Why Probiotics ?

Our gut has both good bacteria & bad bacteria. When your body is attacked by external pathogens, the bacterial balance is affected and then there is a rise of bad bacteria. That is where Enterogermina helps to improve the growth of good bacteria helping to restore the gut function making it Paediatricians No.1 choice

With the abundance of information, and some Q&A sessions the event proceeded ahead with some fun games organized for the kids like the one below.


Managing Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina
Kiaan feeding healthy food to Popeye


The cartoon character Popeye has always been an inspiration to get kids to eat spinach. Enterogermina emphasized on healthy eating habits by giving healthy & junk food cards to kids. They had to throw the junk food cards in the health bin and feed the healthy food to popeye. Kids had fun and obviously learnt a lot about good food eating habits.

Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina
Meet the bad bacteria
Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina
Meet the good bacteria

















Also, there was a lovely skit organized explaining good-bad bacteria & importance of one’s gut health using Enterogermina . It was fun and entertaining to kids as well as adults. Kiaan was super happy yet reluctant to meet the man bacteria.


The event ended with a very informative TVC by Enterogermina Probiotics and some lovely goodies for moms and kids.


Overall, the event gave a lot of insights helping us moms to know how we can address the diarrhoea issues and take right steps to keep our child at ease. At the end we want our kids to jump around make noise and be healthy and #happytummiesmeet taught us how to Fight Diarrhoea with Enterogermina in the best way possible.



Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina

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  • Thank you for sharing this post, it’s way to helpful. I see kids around me suffering from diarrhea and just like fuh days pass and at the same time it even affects their health way to much. Will surely share this their parents.

  • Such a mandatory post which z such a helping hand for we parents… Even my often gets diarrhea and that really puts me in tension… But ur post z helpful definitely will share this with my friends parents.

  • Yes probiotics helps to cure diarrhoea fast. I am using Enterogermina since 9 years when my kids have to fight this nasty sickness. This is very useful post for all the parents.

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