Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase

Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase

How many of you go through a phase where your kid is disinterested in food.  Surprisingly half of the children go through the picky eating phase in the early years of growth and development. And before you start panicking as a mom. let me tell you it is very much a NORMAL STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT and you need to learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase extremely patiently.

It is recommended, before the child turns two give him an opportunity to explore variety of food specifically fruits and vegetables so that his acceptance towards it increases in futures and the child may start eventually liking it. But in the entire process of familiarizing food to the child, parents use various counter productive feeding practices like force feeding, bribing to eat etc that it actually does more harm than good.  As a mother myself i understand the plight and hence i am sharing one technique  that will be helpful to you and you will learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase.

But before I begin, let me tell you my toddler is going through a phase where he is rejecting all the fruits except banana. As concerned I am I decided to make this cute little foodart for him made form apples and pear. He initially played with the tree shaped pear. Then ate 2 slices of pear and half apple. By the end it was more play where he offered fruits to me , birds etc and i am sure he did not even realize he does not like it.

In case you have still not understood what I achieved was QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Eating two slices made him accept a different taste, texture and mostly acceptance. My job was to provide him healthy nourishment and I left on him to decided how much he wants to consume. This foodart helped me in feeding my fussy toddler. At the same time its a reminder to me this is a phase and it shall pass if I act patiently and thats my advice to all of you.

  • Patience is the key
  • Choose Quality over Quantity

And if you want to create this foodart, you need to do the following

Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase


  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Crushed/Powdered Almonds
  • Chocolate Sauce


  • Cut the Apple in half and scrape a layer to make windows and door as show in the figure
  • Place the apple on the plate as shown in the image
  • Now take a pear and slice it evenly.
  • Cut it in the shape of tree using kitchen knife and place it randomly near the house.
  • To make the land, spread powdered almonds on the plate
  • To make stars and moon, Use chocolate sauce using a toothpick
  • Foodart is ready to serve

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