Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Whenever I make Foodarts, the first thing i am judged and questioned about is – Are you a working mom or a homemaker ? And when I say I am a full time blogger…there is a smirk which means No Wonder I have time for all this stuff !! I know many moms who are reading my article can sense and relate to this situation.  We kind of fall into the category of “so called working moms” ..isn’t it?

Well, I dont intend to pull it further but the truth is whether we are “working moms” or “so called working mom” or a “homemaker” we all have our ways for doing things for our little one and we somehow manage to find out time for them for instance we sit with them to complete a project or just paint with them etc. And i think making this food craft is no different from the rest of the activities i plan with my child.

I know the areas where my kid can be fussy and I devote 15 mins extra time of mine and make it fun rather a stressful experience. And thats how mommies I FIND TIME to do what I love. And hence I am sharing some tips on how you can learn to make fun foodarts for your kids without investing too much time.

Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

  1. Take inspiration from everything your kids love – Books, Cartoons, Pictures, Cliparts etc 
  2. Draw on a paper how you want your design to look like. You dont have to be artistic, you just have to use some imagination
  3. Decide in advance what ingredients you would want the design to have and just note it down
  4. Go in the kitchen and prepare the dish
  5. Start plating it as per the design you have sketched 
  6. Enjoy the finish product

Since you all wanted me to make a foodart using daily home-cooked meal, I have made this cute little hatchling from Roti, Arbi Vegetable and Flavored Rice (peanuts, garlic and onion sauted rice).  If you want to know how I made this, just check this 1 min tutorial on my instagram

If this tutorial interests you, then comment on the post and I will share more videos on how to make fun foodarts for your kids.

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