A Letter to My Son on the International Women’s Day

A Letter to My Son on the International Women’s Day

It’s 6:00 am in the morning, I am up early for reasons unknown. I guess sleepless nights have taught me to be fresh whenever you wake up. My little one is smiling at me in sleep and hubby as usual is snoring !!

Well, i get the bonus ‘ME’ time and all I do is make some hot coffee and get hold of the newspaper and find my cosy spot in the room. As I am browsing through the newspaper, all I see is ads of brands offering discounts, contests, rewards to women for “The International Women’s Day”. I laugh off as to how brands have over taken a cause of gender equality, which is the essence of why the day was created to their marketing cause.

As my thoughts ponder around, I realise the fact that my son would never in right sense would understand the true meaning of this day and hence I have decided to write a letter to him for his better future.

Dear Son,

Firstly, thank you very much for giving me birth as a mother just a day prior to womens day. You just made me realize how it feels to be complete as a women.

But the irony is that it is just my feeling. People around me don’t make me feel happy about my accomplishment. I first thought they are jealous since I have got everything.. but then I have realised it has got to do with ‘XX’ chromosome i have.

You might be wondering what is wrong with me. What am i talking ? Well son, although we are in the 21st century, although we have broken our conserve outlook, although we are at par with skill-sets you have..we are simply not treated equal.

You might be wondering that i am just talking under the name of “feminism”. But let me tell you some truth

1. Do you know, I am not being offered the same role and salary just because I took a sabbatical when you were born

2. Do you know I am not being hired at a senior managerial level just because I refuse to work beyond office timings being a mom

3. Do you know that though I manage the house pretty well, i have to constantly prove my efficiency to my in-laws

4. Do you know I am constantly being judged as SAHM ( Stay at home mom ) or WFHM (working from home mom )

5. Do you know I still have to multitask chores in the house while it’s ok for my hubby to watch TV

6. Do you know I am judged whether i follow or do not follow – rules set during periods, on celebrating karwachauth etc, on simply being a woman.

I am sure son, it is difficult for you to understand since you are not facing the issue as you are lucky to get an XY chromosome. But don’t you think it’s unfair ??. All we want to do is live in a world where you and I are treated equally. That is why this day was established.

However, in-spite of all the odds nothing is stopping us. We have learnt to fight our way through and in all this process we are becoming stronger sec by sec, min by min, hr by hr.

And let me tell you my love, as you grow old you will find more women who are becoming powerful. It won’t matter to them whether they are single moms, it wont matter to them whether they choose divorce over marriage, it wont matter to them to consult you to make choices.

And at that very stage, all I would want from you is to upgrade yourself to simply match and be par with her. Yes, its time you have the potential to be equal to her and all i want you to do is follow these five steps

1. Be Chivalrous – you can be respectful to a women’s strength and powers without forgetting your manners

2. Be an equal partner and share your chores and responsibilities. Even if it means you need to do the cooking, learn it.

3. Say goodbye to your male ego. It won’t do any good but rip you apart more than her.

4. Learn to be compassionate. Choose words you would be comfortable listening back

5. Most importantly – let her be her. Don’t mould her as per your liking’s.

I hope you will remember my words as you make your way in this world and cherish womanhood.

Happy International Women’s Day Son.

Love you to the moon and back,

Yours Momma


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I am thankful to Anshu Bhojnagarwala for introducing me to this cool blog chain.

She is a mommy blogger whose parenting blog – First Time Mommy is featured as top 10 parenting blogs by BabyChakra. She is mother to a talkative and equally cute 6-year old, Aanya. Anshu shares her sweet and sometimes tart experiences of motherhood in her blog. She believes in the power of homemade food and clean eating, and spreads awareness through her blog.Check out her work at www.firsttimemommy.net and get her perspective on The International Women’s Day

Also, it’s a pleasure to introduce my friend Aarti Pandey from www.mydailycupoflife.com.

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