#32 Meet Mr.Moonfils – The Crab

#32 Meet Mr.Moonfils – The Crab

My love for croissants keep increasing as I see new flavour of Bauli Moonfils Croissant stacked on the shelves in the supermarket. Well that does not end there, it ends up right in my stash at home where I just wanna sip coffee, have croissants and read a book.

Well, since i earned the motherhood degree book reading has become a pass – with bookmarks on every page each day, coffee has been the saviour and munching croissant has become a luxury.

But not anymore with this lovely product available in market, I now not only munch on it but share my passion of creating art with food.

Well today I create Mr.Moonfils the crab with orange flavour Moonfils Croissant as a yummy mid-morning breakfast. It’s soft & yummy flavours just melts in the mouth wanting to crave for more.

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