Mom’s guide on 5 Organic Baby Wipes in India 2021

Mom’s guide on 5 Organic Baby Wipes in India 2021

If you are a mom, you may always carry some essentials in your bag for your little ones depending on what age group they belong to. However, there is one such thing that can never miss is a good packet of baby Wipes. Especially, since the past year where sanitization and cleanliness have become the new norm that we have to adhere to, these wipes come in handy to clean utilities. A child may be touching or using things like a table, toiletries, garden equipment and more apart from cleaning pees & poops of your little one. Having said that, my bag has a twin pack of sanitisers and #mothersparsh wipes which we can use on the go and are extremely safe for babies sensitive skin.

However, choosing the right baby product for your little one is critical since most of them are loaded with harsh chemicals which can cause skin issues or allergy in the long run. Similarly, most of the wipes contain alcohol content and chemicals like phenoxyethanol which can cause skin rash etc which is a huge concern to me (and I believe to all the mothers out there). Hence it becomes important to choose wipes that suit your baby’s skin type and has some key attributes like paraben-free, thickness, wipes content, pH balance etc.

Since I have tried and tested most of the brands available in the market, basis my experience I am sharing my guide on organic baby wipes that are perfect for our little one’s baby skin.


1. Mother Sparsh 99% pure water baby wipes

Mom's guide on 5 Organic Baby Wipes in India 2021

Mother Sparsh 99% pure water baby wipes are India’s first #purewaterbasedwipes suitable for all kinds of baby skin, especially the sensitive and gentle ones.

Gently made for gentle skin:

  • These wipes, made from cotton fabric are naturally very soft and does not contain an artificial scent making them gentle for the entire body.
  • The fabric is extremely soft and 3X thicker than other competing brands available, thereby making it last longer by retaining higher water quantities.
  • These wipes do not contain any added artificial fragrance which makes them #unscented. As a result, moms find it truly comfortable and easy to wipe off their baby’s bodies without any hassle or worry about allergy, irritation, etc.
  • These wipes are scientifically developed and tested under varying conditions. The clinical examination ensures they fall safe when it comes to delivering on their promise of hygiene and care

Close to Nature:

  • The brand also takes pride in being environmentally sustainable and ecologically friendly as it is made up of 100% bio-degradable plant derivatives thereby committing itself to be a ‘responsible’ brand while also delivering on its functional promises.

Convenient and intelligent packaging:

  • Not just that, the brand has gone a step ahead and incorporated smart packaging with its unique “Moisture lock lid “ which ensures that the wipes have prolonged wetness which is critical to its anytime usage functionality.
  • Also, this kind of packaging is very helpful while travelling since it remains effective and also conveniently fits into any portable pack.

Well, Mother Sparsh is indeed a superior tender, loving & caring brand and holds a special place in my heart for its warmth.


2. Pigeon Wipes

Much to the delight of every mom and their babies, PIGEON’s microbiologically tested Baby Wipes are silky soft as they are gently clean and moisturize the baby’s sensitive areas.

They have a strong research and development initiative at the backend to cater to the ever-growing challenges of motherhood and convert it into a soothing hassle-free experience, through their smart solutions.

3. Bee Bee Wipes

The Bee Bee wipes are non-alcoholic in their formulation, making them suitable and gentle for sensitive skin usage. These wipes easily absorb all the dust and excessive oils from the skin due to their underlying soft fabric material. They also contain aloe vera extract which helps to soothe the skin of the little ones.

They are clinically Australian certified and suitable for kids of all ages. However, considering the Indian climatic condition, I feel the pack will need to be replenished from time to time because of the lightness of the wipes.


4. LuvLap Wipes

Luv Lap moisturising wipes are made of natural ingredients and contain the richness of aloe vera to hydrate the baby skin. It also contains an interesting ingredient called Chamomile which has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe tender skin. It also has Vitamin E ensuring the child’s skin always stay healthy.

The wipes pH level is neutral which means it protects the skin from alkaline and acidic ph removing the possibility of rashes on the kid’s skin. This wipe is also alcohol-free, paraben-free and clinically certified. However, it does contain a mild fragrance and acceptance towards it would purely depend on the child.


5. Chicco Baby Wipes

Chicco wipes is an Italian product that is also clinically tested for sensitive skin. The wipes are free from alcohol, paraben, SLS, SLES and chemical Dye’s. The product contains an extract of aloe vera and chamomile and is very effective to hydrate and smoothen the baby’s skin.

Chicco baby wipes packaging emphasises the flip lid cover making it easy and comfortable while travelling and retaining the moisture content.

I am sure the above baby wipe list will help you make an informed decision and as a parent, you will be able to add #unscentedhappiness in your baby’s life. Wipe your Parenting worries !!

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