Monsoon food ideas for kids with rainbow colours

Monsoon food ideas for kids with rainbow colours

Finally the monsoon season has started with a bang, and Mumbai is already drenched in its heavy rain. However rains cannot be enjoyed if you do not offer a complementing meal to it. Well in this post I and Foram Modi from The Slim Possible Diet have shared some Monsoon food ideas for kids with rainbow colours.

Generally, kids or adults of any age would love to munch on hot pakodas, chai, vada pav etc during rainy season. It’s fun to enjoy these food once a while, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle we need to consume nutrient based foods. Today, Ill be sharing how we can entice young minds to eat healthy and enjoy the monsoon through rainbow colours. 

So let’s begin with our first colour and a beautiful presentation by my friend Foram Modi


Foram has made lovely iddiyapam and given a natural violet colour using jamun as the key ingredient in her recipe !! Well jamun in indiyappam is never heard before but this twist in her recipe focuses on health and taste making it special for the kids. Check the recipe in the post


Our second monsoon food idea for kids  is very dear to me, bcaz i just encountered various health benefits of purple cabbage and have shared a south indian salad recipe. 


Technically it is very tricky to have natural blue colour to give it to our meals unless you use food colour. But since we are talking about health and kids we decided not to add any artificial flavours and Foram choose to make blueberry jam sandwhich


A lot can be done with green colour, since you can use spinach or peas and have ample of varieties. However I chose to make Green Moong Dal Chilla and my focus was more into foodart and he enjoyed it completely.


Most of the kitchen ingredients are yellow colour. And i choose a meal which can go even in the lunch box easily i.e Lemon Rice. But what if the rice looks like a Giraffe, will you have it ? I bet you will.

6. Orange

Carrots work the best to give an orange colour to your meals and thats what we did , we made carrot shaped bread pizza using carrots. Confused ? Well this is how it looks like

8. RED

This one is very special to me. We are dosa lover family and hence i decided to make beetroot dosa for my son and at the same time wanted to surprise him with his fav charachter PEPPA PIG FOODART. But my son outrightly rejected saying its not Peppa Pig. Well it did not work for me , hopefully should work for you.

Well these are some Monsoon food ideas for kids with rainbow colours. Hope you loved it and do make few recipes or foodart for your kids too.

Also you can check many more foodarts made by me over here.

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