My one year blog anniversary : The inspiration behind the blog

My one year blog anniversary : The inspiration behind the blog

A year ago, I never had an intention of becoming a blogger. Becoming a full time blogger was a chance I took when people started appreciating my content. I love being a creative artist wanting to share my work and passion for the work I do. I am not a writer, I dont have the the best grammar, I lack proof reading skills and so you can often catch a spelling error in a post of mine. And in spite of all this, I have a lovely audience who wants to view my content, seek solutions and communicate with me.


The Idea of the blog came through when I randomly shared my art on social media platforms like facebook groups, instagram etc. I use to visit a lot of mom groups on facebook and seek knowledge on parenting because i was a mom an infant. I stumbled upon this lovely group on facebook called the First Moms Club wherein saw mommies sharing their creations,  talking about parenting, helping each other for smallest of queries etc. And seeing how well organized the group was i kept sharing my foodart creations which was very basic and naive.

Then one day, the founder of the group Ruchita Dar Shah saw one of my “Fidget Spinner Foodart” and she decided to feature my work on her First Moms Club platform and that day became the turning point of my life. I instantly created a page on facebook to begin with and went to explore on how to start a blog. This was the toughest part for me, since I had no clue on how blogging works. At the same time one of my cousins, started her blog and with her help I got to know the basics of buying a domain and host etc and self hosted the entire site on my own from designing the website, to purchasing the domain and host, to building content etc.

I won’t lie, the first 4 months all i did was just posted  the content rather images and did nothing else. I had no idea about seo, DA, PA etc nor i was showing any interest until people started approaching to feature my work.


I actually do not know what triggered me, but I remember thinking should i join my work back or do something i love. And i got the answer, bcaz i wanted to do something for myself rather then run around on 9-6 job ( btw my job was never 9-6, i use to work on weekends too since i was in BTL/Event industry) and i guess the whole idea of leaving babykj and going to work was bothering me. So that time I decided to stick to blogging.

So the first steps I took was enrolled myself on two major blogging platforms – Indiblogger and Skill infinity. At that point of time Skill Infinity was featuring bloggers on their platform and I came across this humble man Tirthankar who runs the blog The Poor Nomad and is a seo specialist. He may not realise this but he is my mentor who taught me or rather still teaches me and guides on the entire drama that goes around SEO, blogging tips, information on guest posting etc. And i cant be more than thankful to him for being such a kind soul and guiding me throughout.

The added cherry on the cake is the constant motivation I received in being featured with parenting communities like Momspresso, The First Moms Club, OoWomaniya, Mama and peaches subscription box newsletter etc that helped me to be consistent with my content. Although I have my own highs and lows while managing a toddler I just enjoy this small bits of fame.

Also i took keen interest in participating in blog trains hosted by fellow bloggers, being a part of the myfriendalexa campaign organised by blog chatter and varied such small activities to showcase my presence in the blogging world.

I also took up a course on Pinterest organised by Neha from Sharing Our Experiences which has helped me to gain some organic views to my blog. However I am still very inconsistent with pinterest, I need to work on this area a little bit more.


These stats may be small but hold a lot of meaning to me because I have really grown from 0 visitors to whatever i have till now

Page Views – 12000

Monthly views – 600

Number of Post – 100

Instagram Followers – 2600


I have loads of plan on where to take my blog in the second year, but i am going  to ask you as an audience what would you like to see more . I am going to run a poll on instagram and share my future ideas and plz do give me genuine answers. You can even DM me or comment on the blog post.

You can participate in my insta polls and give your opinion here


It’s more of a personal challenge and i am figuring out a way on how to deal with it. My infant baby is now a toddler which means he is taking more of my time because he is super hyperactive, wants to play with me whole day. infact very clingy to me and will go to play school next year june.  Even if i make foodarts, he is more interested in eating it or playing with it and does not even give me that 2 mins to shoot. So if mommas, you are reading this pllzzzzz share some solutions so i can find time for something i am getting passionate about 


Many of moms specifically are curious whether one can earn from blogging. So let me get it straight. I earn but its not very consistent. And whatever i have earned till now is more of like a pocket money to myself.  Although I feel I can get more out of it, I want to be very authentic. I wont stand behind a product or brand that i dont use personally. I am thinking of using this platform for affiliate links etc but still not come to a conclusion.  But the day when money’s will keep rolling, I will definitely share the secret with you.

And before I end this post let me thank some wonderful people whom I could not cover in the post – My hubby Nikhil Jain who had to support me for my crazy ideas and feedbacks, Few blogger moms whose help I took on time to time basis whenever I was stuck at things Neha from Growing with Nemit, Priya from TheMommysphere, Henal from TheVeggiestan. And incase i missed on anyone, let me tell you I am deeply thankful to everyone of you including my audience for your constant belief in me.

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