My Review on VLCC Gold Radiance Peel Off Mask

My Review on VLCC Gold Radiance Peel Off Mask

The year 2020 taught me the importance of having a personal self care regime. And to be honest, with hardly any visits to parlours I started exploring the amazing beauty industry, from grandma’s kitchen beauty hacks to versatile modern products. 

So one of my 2021 resolution was to take care of myself and have a routine for my skin care rituals. As our lifestyle is slowing getting back to normal and the daily hustle bustle leaves no space to give out that extra time to our regime, I found VLCC Gold Radiance Peel Off Mask and excellent go to solution for myself. 


The mask is enriched with Gold, Swiss Garden Cress Sprout & Aloe Vera Extracts which helps in stimulation of  blood circulation thereby increasing oxygen supply and increase collagen production.

The Golden glow lightens the skin tone and also provides a protective layer to skin to retain skin moisture.

It is available at the MRP of 495/-  (90gm) on all established online platforms.

” The X Factor of VLCC GOLD RADIANCE Peel Off MASK”

My Review on VLCC Gold Radiance Peel Off Mask

I am a fan of peel off mask as it helps in uplifting the dull and dead skin specially the pigmented zones which is clearly visible on my face. However, having said that there are couple of factors which made me got hooked to this product

  • The product is enriched with the right combination of Gold Dust, Swiss Garden Cress Sprout & Aloe Vera Extracts which is a win win for a pigmented skin like me which needs continuous efforts to be taken care.
    • Gold helps in development of collagen thereby improving the skin texture and making the skin look radiant
    • Aloe Vera has rejuvenating properties to heal and hydrate and is anti-inflammatory
    • Swiss Garden Cress Sprout evens out the skin tone by reducing blemishes by inhibiting the melanin production
  • The Glitter Gold effect of product gives a royal touch to the beauty care regime
  • The texture of the product was perfect for smooth and effective application as the mask is nice and thick and not of runny consistency
  • The product suited my skin type which is dry, hence true to it’s claim I am sure it would suit all types of skin.
  • The peel off mask helped in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on my face making me look younger. I got the luminous golden glow effect of my skin within in a span of 15 mins.
  • Most of the peel off masks I have used, I found it difficult to peel it off completely but that was not the case with this product. The mask came out in two peels and if I would have done it effectively it even would have come out in one go.
  • It is a perfect travel partner, which does not take much space and gives me the instant glow when needed.

MY experience of vlcc gold radiance peel off mask

It is the first mask that I found which is mess free because of which it is easy removing the mask. You need to remove it from top to bottom of the face as mentioned and it happens very smoothly.

The Glittery Gold color product made me feel I belonged to the Egyptian Mummy era and gave that wow feel to my beauty regime.

Secondly, the golden glow effect stays for a long time something that I did not anticipate. This made my skin look younger, less pigmented and nourished my skin making it soft and smooth.

The fairness on my skin felt I had done some sort of facial treatment making me all happy.

Generally, peel off mask are not recommended for dry skin because it stretches the skin and makes it sensitive but having aloe vera extracts in it, felt refreshing and moisturized

Personally, I would say VLCC gold radiance peel off mask is an absolute boon to my pigmented skin and the lovely Golden glow which you get which makes your skin look fresh , smooth and radiant at all the times.

so what are you waiting for, go get your golden glow.

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