Celebrating Nutrtion Week with Ryan International School

Celebrating Nutrtion Week with Ryan International School

Being a foodartist, i got a lovely opportunity to associate with one of the premium schools in the city of Mumbai named Ryan International School for the nutrition week organised by them. 

The idea of this initiative was to offer parents with tips, tricks and solutios on how to get their kids to eat healthy meals. It was not about only cooking meals and offering the child, but to take a step ahead and entice the young minds towards developing healthy habits.

Considering I have been into foodart since some time now, Ryan offered me the opportunity to showcase mommies and even teach them to make foodarts that could help them in long term.

So here i am sharing step by step tutorial    i made from them through these videos as a part of   the nutrition week  with Ryan International School

First Foodart – The Owl made from fruits

In this foodart, i have shared a step by step process on how to make the owl using apples and pomograntes as the main ingrdient. It is super simple, quick and effective way to get kids eating fruit. My 2.6 ear toddler completed the entire platter in one go.

Second Foodart – The Clown made from Roti, Sabzi and Rice

Most moms complaint that they want their kids to enoy home cooked meals like roti and sabzi and not create a fuss at the dinner table. Well touching on these points i shared a step by step tutorial on how to create a clown and make the meal fun

Third Foodart – The Ship made from tomato omllete

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Kids make a lot of fuss and do not want to complete their meals. Teh are in rush to reach schools or take ample of time at the breakfast table, but foodart like these ensure, they gobble up such yummy meals 

This was my way of celebrating nutrition week with Ryan International School by giving a complete guide on how to create foodart and think like a kid. Kids enjoy these simple elements of life and we can make a better contribution if we think, act and behave like them. 

If you enjoyed these videos, you can take a peek to my foodarts here

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