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Mango Chia Pudding – A Summer Delight

Mango Chia Pudding – A Summer Delight

The season of summer is back and so is the season of mangoes, a much awaited fruit for most of us. Sometimes i wonder why mangoes are not available throughout the year ? But i guess it will not get the king of fruits status, […]

Enjoy The IPL 2018 Cricket Mania

Enjoy The IPL 2018 Cricket Mania

Hi fellas,

This is my 50th Foodart on the blog and I am so happy to achieve this milestone. I can’t be more than grateful to all of you for motivating me time to time and appreciating my work. It is because of your positive spirit, I have been able to reach at the current number in like 6 months, I had never dreamed off. And what could be a better way to celebrate this milestone with the love of cricket. So let’s enjoy the IPL 2018 Cricket Mania.

Having said that, I had asked everyone through my Insta Account on how can I celebrate my 50th post and I got some amazing response from moms and friends on what could be my next foodart. Going by the current demand, I choose to ride on the cricket mania by creating a foodart on IPL2018 for all the cricket lovers out there.

IPL is one of the biggest sport festival in our country.This year is the 11th edition of IPL with two teams back in action i.e Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

Cricket Fanatics are going crazy and so am I, not because I love cricket but the Men in my house have just one thing to do i.e Enjoy the IPL 2018 Cricket Mania and all I can do is enjoy with them in my way.

As typical Indian’s we are, our mouth can’t stay lonely while we watch a movie/ sport etc. And all we do is munch on some fats ..ya chips, coke, bhajiyas those are fats aren’t they ? and are glued to the TV sets. So this time Instead of cribbing about it, I sunk myself in the craziness of IPL and created a platter with one of the protein rich food – Moong Dal Chila.

Well nothing creative with the recipe, but just little different way of styling the food for the men of the house.  After all it’s IPL time !!!

Curious to know, what i did ? Well just catch on my video and make this IPL platter for your family, the way i did.

Did you enjoy it Mommies?? Do share your feedback.

And since many of you suggested to make videos, this is my first attempt in making stop photo video. Do give your feedback as well, As I plan  to create more of this in future.

Your kids will love these vegetarian tacos

Your kids will love these vegetarian tacos

Summers are here and so are the colourful butterflies making their appearance, fluttering around flowers and dancing to the tunes of soft breeze. These butterflies have drawn my attention to get my creative juices flowing to make a lovely foodart. While today’s dinner is vegetarian […]

#48 wanna play Tic Tac Toe with snacks ??

#48 wanna play Tic Tac Toe with snacks ??

As a kid, i was always too excited about snack time purely because if two reasons I use to be extremely hungry since I use to come from school My mom use to always serve hot snacks like upma, toast sandwich, theplas, dry Gujarati snacks […]

Learn to make Dry Moong Dal

Learn to make Dry Moong Dal

When we hear of dals, it’s mostly the wet liquid variety which we have in our everyday meal. But there is a special preparation of dal in our house which is in dry form and good for health. It is made of yellow moong dal and lots of garlic. For a vegetarian, It can be one of the best way to increase consumption of protein and I would personally recommend mom’s please make it for younger kids they will develop a taste to eat and enjoy dry form of food. So let’s learn to make Dry Moong Dal and also serve it with a twist to the kiddos.



  1.  1 cup soaked moong dal 
  2. 6-7 garlic chopped
  3. 2 chillies ( optional for kids)
  4. 1 big onion
  5. 1 tsp turmeric
  6. 1 tsp cumin seeds
  7. 1 tbsp oil
  8. Water 1/2 – 1 cup
  9. salt as per taste
  10. Coriander for Garnishing


  • In a large pan, heat the oil
  • Add cumin seeds, chillies and, garlic and onion
  • Saute it till onions turn transparent
  • Add the soaked moong dal and mix well.
  • Add turmeric, salt and little water and cover the pan with the lid
  • Let it cook for 4-5 mins and check whether the moong dal is cooked. 
  • If not you can add more water and let it cook for a longer time.
  • Once the dal is cooked, remove the lid and garnish it with coriander leaves.
  • Dry Moong Dal is ready to serve

Generally we eat it along with our daily meal of roti-sabzi. However you can eat it with poori and aamras or just as healthy evening snack and curb your hunger pangs to a great extent. If you liked the simplicity of this recipe then moms just learn how to make Dry Moong Dal recipe for your kids. 

Also, if your kids are fussy in eating it. Just wear your creative hat and make a cute foodart out of it just the way I have done it. I have made two beautiful chickens, mama and baby chick who are staring at me back from my plate. This foodart is made only from

  • Dry Yellow Moong Dal
  • Carrots
  • Olives

And if this foodart ensures your kid consumes a healthy meal that it’s you duty to learn to make Dry Moong Dal and be a supermom for your kids.  

As usual I would love to hear from you. Ladies do share your feedback and suggestion. And in case you are looking for some more healthy recipes for the kids, then click here

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Banana on Toast – Quick Fix Sunday Morning Recipe

Banana on Toast – Quick Fix Sunday Morning Recipe

When you have a long weekend holiday, you tend to be either excited or extremely lazy. Well, I am going through a lazy week phobia too an extent that i my kitchen is turning half empty. But surprisingly, hunger keeps knocking my stomach and asking […]

Bonding with Grandparents

Bonding with Grandparents

” Taali Paaro Choookraa… Maama laave Tooopraa.. Tooprraaa to Bhave Nahi… Mama Kharek Laavee Nahi”. A faint, fragile sound yet energetic and cheerful is resonating in my house after a good gap of 20 years. It is so sweet that my childhood memories are alighted […]

Watermelon Chia Cooler

Watermelon Chia Cooler

Watermelons are the best refreshments to beat off summer heat. As the temperature is on the rise so is the thirst to have coolers. Well, watermelons has been one of my favourites fruits, i thought of just having a simple cooler with a twist.

This time i made the watermelon juice along with a special ingredient which has been highly rated by health experts to use it in the diet – chia seeds. Although the juice tasted similar to the regular watermelon juice, the added texture of chia seeds gave an extra zing to the tastebuds.

With my first attempt hitting the bulls eye, here i am sharing the watermelon chia seeds cooler recipe with you for kids, adults, oldies etc..

Try it and give me your feedback


1. Watermelon 1 cup (de-sseded)

2. Chia seeds 1 tbsp

3. Honey 1 tbsp

4. Lemon juice 1tsp

5. Fresh mint (optional)


  • Soak the chia seeds in water 10 mins prior to preparing the juice
  • Mix watermelon, honey, lemon juice and fresh mint in a jar and blend it in the mixture
  • Add soaked chia seeds to the above Juice
  • Cool it for 15 mins in the fridge
  • Serve chilled
#46 Healthy Easter Bunny

#46 Healthy Easter Bunny

Hey moms, you don’t need to use mayonnaise or cream cheese all the time to make food attractive and healthy.. you can get to your roots and make something in-house as i did while making this Easter bunny. Guess what the bunny is made off […]

#45 Happy Uthappams

#45 Happy Uthappams

Hey mommas, how you been. I know i have been late this time, i was down with cold and fever so missed all the  days – storytelling day, happiness day etc. Well I am back and here to share another foodart with you which I […]

Why I don’t want the MAN of the House in MY Kitchen

Why I don’t want the MAN of the House in MY Kitchen

Everyone has new year resolutions which fade away after a while, simply one fails to follow it. But, in my case following the resolution has got me into a dark hole. Actually, it’s not that dark but being a new momma I am .. I am just too petrified about my Kitchen. If you are wondering it’s something to do about my Food-arts, well that’s not the case. It is simply MY RESOLUTION OF THE YEAR that has caught me into the situation I am.

So What has been my Resolution ?

Every woman’s dream is to get the MAN of the HOUSE in the Kitchen and voila I made it happen. At-least twice a month one of the meal to be cooked by my hubby dear ( PS- Even 2 days in a month is a big reward for me ). And as happy as i was …let me tell you it’s just the third month and I can rightfully say – ” And the Happiness was not even Short Lived, It was never Living in the first  place”

Seems weird to you ..Right ? But let me narrate, how things went in my Kitchen.

So last Sunday morning, my hubby as sweet he can be decided to make Besan Chilla for us at breakfast. So he enters the kitchen, takes a bowl in the hand and calls my name. I leave my toddler with the toys in the living room and rush to see what happened.

Hubby : “I cant find the chickpea flour.” I show him where i keep the flour and return to my toddler who is busy playing the drums creating sounds i have never heard before.

“Sooonnaaamm”... a shout out by my husband. I rush again and ask what happened. This time he does not get the chopping board. Well i give him the same ( and let me tell you this is not the first time he is using it ) and i am back to my baby boy.

“Where is the Coriaannddeerr ?” .. another shout out. This time I have decided not to move I say ” It’s in the red box in the fridge “. He searches for 1 sec to be precise and asks me ” Wheeerre in the Fridge”. Now I am too lazy to move so another shout out by me  “Check the first compartment”. And if this was not enough, i hear him shout “I can’t find it”. So reluctantly i get up just to see it is right there in the first compartment just hiding behind the milk. He smiles at me saying, how will I know its behind. “You just have to move stuff” is my blank reply.

Before I leave, I ask him “Do you want tomatoes, onions etc or any other stuff or should I leave”. He tells me you are going to love what I prepare, you just go. In my mind, i have started to talk to myself – “It’s just besan ka chilla not a fondant cake.”

Well now, i am back with my toddler playing with his drums while he is busy chewing away my furniture and again i hear is “Soonnaamm”. My sudden reaction is – “Now What?”. ” Where is the Pan?” I am asked. This time I pick up my toddler, take him to the kitchen and remove the pan for him.

He tells me you should not get his son to kitchen. In my mind “Ya right, I am doing this everyday where your son is busy removing utensils from my kitchen cupboards”. Well I just wait now, because I am sure there is more coming.

He turns to me and asks “Did you see the Stove lighter”. I have had it enough now, so keeping my temper to myself I take the lighter lying on the kitchen top, switch on the gas, place the tawa, give him flip spoon and by the way even kept the oil ready.

He tells me “I’ll do it you gooo….” Well, now i think since everything is sorted. The batter is made he just has to pour it and cook it. I pick up my toddler who is playing with spoons and get him out of the kitchen. Eager, I am now for the breakfast to be finally served. I here a shout “Soonaaamm come fast inside the kitttchhen”. 

I run thinking he might have burned his fingers or whatever and all i get to see is the chilla stuck to the pan. He pushes the flip spoon to me and says “I don’t know what to do, you take care of it”. Well I tell him to sit outside with the baby, finish of making the chillas and serve it on the dinning table.

After all the fiasco is over, I take the chillas to the dinning table to eat. He picks up one and after taking one morsel of the chilla he turns to me and says ” Babe, I made some amazing Chilla. You are lucky to have a chef husband like me “

I remark Really !! Duhhhhh !!

PS – I Don’t make recipes like this. Plz don’t count this recipe in “The Magic Platter.”