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7 ways to energise yourself so that parenting does not feel exhausting

7 ways to energise yourself so that parenting does not feel exhausting

A couple of weeks back i had been on crazy wedding spree with my toddler that i had drained out all my energy taking care of him, managing the back-end supplies needed in the wedding, comforting the guest and playing a full time role as […]

8 easy and healthy oats recipe for toddlers and kids

8 easy and healthy oats recipe for toddlers and kids

I have started an initiative on my instagram account with 3 mom bloggers to share some healthy recipes for kids under the #tasty4munchkins. The idea is we want moms to give an easy platform to access recipes and solve their meal planning problems with the […]

Learn to make an interactive tiffin box with these mommy notes

Learn to make an interactive tiffin box with these mommy notes

A lot of you have been asking me since a while to make some foodart for the kids that go to school so that they finish their tiffin box. Honestly, I understand how difficult it is for you to see the tiffin box returning back with some food or most of the food. At the same time we never know how rough or good his/her day has been passed. So this is my  attempt to get these little munchkins get excited about their tiffin box and give it a little more of a personal touch with some Fun and Interactive notes.

You might have seen such ideas earlier but this is a little way above and all you have to do is, Learn to make an interactive tiffin box with these mommy notes. So the idea is simple, instead of the normal notes like ” Have a great day “, the kids have to answer a fun question each day that will give you some insight on what is happening in school along with solving tiffin box issues.

The questions force them to interact with you and leave an answer in the tiffin box for you to discover and also it can serve as a great ice-breaker for finding out more about their day specially if the kid is shy or not too vocal about his thoughts.

So Learn to make an interactive tiffin box with these mommy notes and be surprised with the results !!

How to make the Interactive Tiffin Box Notes ?

Learn to make an interactive tiffin box with these mommy notes


You can take an A4 size paper make columns and rows as shown in the image above and write down the questions.  You can take out a print copy and cut the notes and keep the interactive notes ready for the week. I would request use a colour sheet or add some design to make it look attractive for the kids.


You can make use of colourful post-ids or colour craft papers too and make handwritten interactive notes.

The good part of these notes is it’s going to be a talk of the canteen/cafeteria where all friend would be watching anxiously to read the note out. Also kids can learn to share the food and appreciate all sorts of taste. At the same time don’t be surprised if you have specific demands pouring in and I bet you will want to fulfill them all.

With these interactive notes your kids will look forward to filling them out, and you’ll look forward to receiving back their responses. We call that a win‐win. And because lunch talk can easily morph into talking about the rest of their day, we’d say that’s actually a win‐win‐win.

Also you can check my foodart here

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Tips to celebrate Halloween with kids in India

Tips to celebrate Halloween with kids in India

Let me be very honest, it is very little I know about Halloween. But from whatever I have read, the following is my understanding of the festival. Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is believed it was originated during the ancient celtic […]

My one year blog anniversary : The inspiration behind the blog

My one year blog anniversary : The inspiration behind the blog

A year ago, I never had an intention of becoming a blogger. Becoming a full time blogger was a chance I took when people started appreciating my content. I love being a creative artist wanting to share my work and passion for the work I […]

5 home cooked indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

5 home cooked indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

Travelling with a toddler or a kid is not an easy task. You have to be up all the time to match with their energies no matter you are tired or not. And when it comes to food, kids can get really cranky and grumpy if their stomach is empty or half filled. 

I have been travelling with my toddler since he was 7 months old. And with some permutations and combinations, I have got to the conclusion of these 5 home cooked Indian foods to carry while traveling with kids. The good part is I don’t have to rely much on the branded products available in the market, since Kiaan is not too comfortable with packaged purees etc and at the same time I don’t want snacks to replace meals so these 5 travelfoods act as my saviour.

1.  Home Made Cereal for the baby 

This is a wholesome meal I give it to my lo preferably during the lunch time. It is made of 4 key ingredients Rice, Dal, Ragi/ Nachni, Wheat. I prepare the powdered mixture well in advance and make it in hot water flasks available in hotel rooms. This home made cereal is not only a great source of nutrients, but will keep the baby full for a longer time thereby eliminating any unwanted snacking.

If you are interested to know the home made cereal recipe plz click here 

2. Oats Porridge

It’s my personal observation, babies enjoy oatmeal cereal more than rice or any other form of porridge.  Oats is rich in fibre making it easily digestible and can be given at any time of the day.  All you need to do pour hot water/milk with some sugar or salt and feed it to your babies on the go.

3. Thepla

Not because I am a Gujrati, I am recommending this food. Infact, it is a “wonder food” for all the moms out there. Thepla has a high shelf life making it consumable even after 3-4 days of its preparation (if you pack it well). It acts as complete meal for a child when given with yogurt, pickle (chunda) or just topped with plain butter.

4. Dry fruits, Nuts and Makhanas

My little one is very found of Raisins (Kishmish). So i pack his favourite dry fruit separately in my handbag and can offer him on the go. Also, you can create bundled packets of dryfruits that can be consumed in a day separately and offer to your kids at any given time of the day. 

I also pack mix nuts like peanuts, chana and roasted makhanas for my lo and they are good enough to satisfy his cravings or calm him down when he is restless or tired.

5. Home made snacks like Laddus, Biscuits, Khakhras etc

These snacks are made of simple ingredients like besan, atta ( wheatflour), butter etc. They have a very long shelf life, offer sweet/savory flavour and most kids wont say no to them.  In case you don’t know to make these snacks, you can get it easily by hiring a cook or purchasing from home entrepreneurs who sell authentic home cooked snacks and be stress free.

If you are interested to know the some recipes plz click the link below

These are the 5 home cooked Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids. You can compliment the above food by locally available fruits, breads/ croissants variety available, milk etc. They are easy, simple to make and moreover you don’t have to worry about offering only outside food to your child since you have some options ready with you. I am sure not only kids but you will also enjoy your trips more often.

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Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Whenever I make Foodarts, the first thing i am judged and questioned about is – Are you a working mom or a homemaker ? And when I say I am a full time blogger…there is a smirk which means No Wonder I have time for […]

4 skills my toddler developed during ganpati festival

4 skills my toddler developed during ganpati festival

There is silence in my society today, as the 7th day ganpati has bid adieu to us. I personally feel the festival has ended today since i cant hear the melodious bhajans, cannot participate in the aarti/puja, enjoy connecting with faces i did not know […]

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

I always keep talking about how important it is to feed healthy home cooked meals to our children. In the era of Internet, TV, Social media it is easier to google out various kinds of healthy recipes, the right diet for your children, types of activities etc we can do for their development. As parents we all wish our kids stay away from any kind of lifestyle disease which is so common in this fast pace world. And we can achieve it, if we adopt some of the beautiful practices we followed during our childhood and prepare the next generation. This is one of the way we give our children to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. So without wasting much of time, here i am sharing 7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy .

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

1. Following an Exercise Routine

We should encourage our kids to exercise and make it a part of their daily routine. And when i mean exercise it can be anything from dancing to aerobics to zumba or even activities like cleaning cupboards at home to playing high energy games or following a sports of your choice. And this can be achieved if we too follow an exercise routine. At the end kids are inspired from us aren’t they ? A simple exercise routine make the bones and muscle stronger and helps to avoid various lifestyle disease.

2.  Outdoor Play

These days children are hooked to mobile screen, TV, laptops etc. Hence as a parent you need to make it a compulsion to have a define outdoor play time inspite of the burden and stress of homeworks, studies etc. Outdoor play helps kids to improve their health, learning capabilities, stress buster for them too, improves social skills, generates curiosity to explore around etc.

3. Eating breakfast

Breakfast is fuel to convert food into energy. And when metabolism gets moving, body starts burning calories and you can maintain a healthy weight. Moreover breakfast also acts as a brain booster to help kids improve their attention span and concentration. I have shared a complete different article on why breakfast important for kids, you can check the same here

4.  Teach kids to CHEW

Do you remember we were told to chew food 32 times ? Do we follow it ? Most of us not. But before you teach the kids I would tell you start doing yourself and you will yourself realize the difference. When you chew food well, the gut health is automatically taken care of. The food does not feel heavy to the stomach and one will rarely face issues like bloating, acidity etc just by learning the art of chewing food well.

5. Say No to Cold Water 

Teach kids about the importance of drinking warm water from time to time in a defined manner. Warm Water breaks down the accumulated fats deposits and ensures better stomach health. Kids should be taught to take a break from the activity they are doing, sit down, drink water and resume the activity thereafter.

6. Avoid Overeating 

Choose quality over quantity. Don’t push your child to complete the meal on the plate. Let him/her decide the quantity he/she needs to fulfill is hunger. By pushing food you are teaching him what is overeating and the kid may develop the habit of over eating in the long run. You can also check a special post i have written on 10 mistakes parents make while feeding their kids here

7. Gadget free Eating 

Do I need to talk about this ? Most of the parents complain about their kids viewing TV’s/ Mobile and then only wanting to eat food. Well, aren’t we responsible for it. Make meal time a fun bonding sessions with your kids, sit together, talk about the day, laugh, infact discuss your problems with them and tell them to give solutions too. Make it a family bonding time and I bet they will never want gadgets while eating

These are some 7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy which we must implement for our kids and their better lifestyle. Kids are like clay, they way you mould them,they take the shape. So try to inculcate these habit to make them healthy and smart children of India

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The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

We all know, how important it is to consume breakfast in the morning  be it elders or kids. But with the early morning school schedules our kids find it hard to take out time to eat their breakfast properly, simply because everyone in the house […]

Learn to make fun food mask for kids

Learn to make fun food mask for kids

Do your kids enjoy wearing animal masks and enacting like them.  Well who doesn’t,  this is one form of role play for them which is fun, entertaining and thrilling experience for a child. But have you thought, If we could create food animal mask on […]

5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

Which parent does not want their kids to lead a happy and a healthy life. We all do, isn’t it? and yet we fall to the trap of media who are bombarding us to use X products by brands and pharmaceutical companies, upgrade to fortified nutrition in terms of going vegan etc or even offering OTC medicines for overall health. With so much of information around us, it gets confusing on what to listen and what to discard. So to keep it simple, I have done some research on this subject and would be happy to share 5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids.

But before I do, Let me share the basis of my research. I am an ardent admirer and follower of celebrity fitness  expert – Rujuta Diwekar. Her thoughts on to adapt the native simplicity and grandma’s kitchen hacks is what I can connect my roots with. And considering how fit and healthy our elders have been, I guess it’s time we adopt to it rather then following our western counterparts.

Without much adieu here I am sharing 5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

1. Going Desi

India is the best country that has variety of food. The idea is we must take pride of our food and culture, eat desi so even our kids love to embrace local food. Like Ghee has been a part of dietary intake since years, we should consume it. Ghee is an essential fatty acid that helps to reduce or mobilize stubborn fat and yet we are against of it when it comes to giving it to our kids.

Image result for pickles

How many of you still eat pickles ? I bet we are a few, because we feel its too oily and fattening isn’t it ? I am not surprised kids even don’t know what pickle is, or how you make it and what fun is it when the entire family makes it together. But pickles provides your body with the right conditions to make your own B12 and also assimilate all of the vitamins from the food. It helps you nurture the diversity of good bacteria in your stomach. It is pro-biotic. And so i would say Eat pickle with pride and become desi !! Adopt to desi eating habits which our ancestors did.

2. Use Indian Sugar Substitutes and not Western

Stevia is the new Fancy Fad of sugar substitute which most of us are adopting to. But why choose those when we have so many Indian substitutes which is easily available, cheaper and most importantly tried & tested by our grandparents. We can make use of jaggery, sugarcane, honey etc which is easily available and are Natural.

Image result for jaggery sugarcane

Infact, I will share a surprising fact with you. The sugar that we traditionally consume in India, which comes from sugarcane is very beneficial. The problem is processed and packaged food that is high on sugar, particularly since this form of sugar is mostly derived from high fructose corn syrup, which is linked to obesity.

The World Health Organisation says we can have 8 – 12 teaspoons of sugar a day. If you eat like your grandparents, you will end up having 4-5 teaspoons a day only. Nowadays, the situation is such that we don’t take any sugar in our tea, but have two biscuits (packaged food) in our hand.

3. Motherland offers Variety food

If you need variety in your meals, it’s best to use ingredients which grow on our soil and gives a different texture to our taste buds. Say for example you eat Roti for lunch everyday, but it gets boring. You can make roti made from different ingredients each day (as shown in the image). This is the best way we can get kids use to different flavours of food and at the same time do not worry about  their health

5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

Eat Seasonal fruits, vegetables and grains. The reason they are seasonal is because they help the body to stay healthy during season transition and also increase our immunity.

4. Go Green

Do not use Plastic for your kids or even yourself. In this era of microwaves and ovens our usage of plastic has increased. So its best to make use of steel and glass materials in our day to day life. If you want to pack your kids lunch box than make use of steel snack box. Serve the kid meal in a steel plate.

5. Follow the 80:20 rule

Since we are so use to following and adapting to the western culture than its best to follow the 80:20 rule in your daily life. It’s simple – 80% times adopt to the indian way of living when it comes to food, using steel etc. 20% do what you are craving for. So if you want to eat burgers than make one and eat it, but ensure you eat indian desi meal the rest of your day. This way you will be able to balance your body and heart and it will be a win win for all.

Adopting to your roots is not a difficult task, since you have lived it in your childhood. But make sure you give the same environment to your child and make him respect your food and culture and I assure you that your kids will be happy and healthy.

I hope you liked these 5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids and I promise you will keep sharing my knowledge. If you liked this post you can check out


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