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7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

I always keep talking about how important it is to feed healthy home cooked meals to our children. In the era of Internet, TV, Social media it is easier to google out various kinds of healthy recipes, the right diet for your children, types of […]

The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

We all know, how important it is to consume breakfast in the morning  be it elders or kids. But with the early morning school schedules our kids find it hard to take out time to eat their breakfast properly, simply because everyone in the house […]

Learn to make fun food mask for kids

Learn to make fun food mask for kids

Do your kids enjoy wearing animal masks and enacting like them.  Well who doesn’t,  this is one form of role play for them which is fun, entertaining and thrilling experience for a child. But have you thought, If we could create food animal mask on the dinner table. I bet no !! So how about we Learn to make fun food mask for kids and take their learning curve to another level.

Before I share the steps, let me give you a little brief of actually how this idea popped up.  I had made boiled red Chana Chaat for myself. Babykj started showing some interest in it.  So I decided to make a mouse face and sing the rhyme – hickory dickory dock and serve him this chaat. With just 5 mins in hand, I managed to make the food mask which looked liked a crossbreed of mouse and a bear.  When I took a poll of what did the food mask look like on instagram 68%said mouse and rest 32% said bear ..Some saving grace of 12%.

But you learn from your mistakes, don’t you. So the second time when I made Dalia khichdi at home I ensured the food mask look true to the character and bang on, it did look like a baby lion as expected. So here I am sharing my experience and teaching you to Learn to make fun food mask for kids

1. The Mouse Face Mask

Learn to make fun food mask for the kids


  • Boiled red Channa chaat garnished with onions,  tomatoes,  red chilli,  salt,  chaat masala, lemon etc
  • Cucumber
  • Cabbage
  • Cadbury balls


  • Give an outline of the character you choose with the red Chan’s chastity and fill it completely
  • Place eyes and nose using cucumbers and cadbury ball
  • Make the whiskers using cabbage
  • And the meal is ready to serve

2. The Lion Face Mask

Learn to make fun food mask for the kids


  • Dalia khichdi
  • Carrots
  • Cadbury balls


  • Create the outline of the character selected using Dalia and fill it completely with the khichdi
  • To show the lion Harry,  use shredded carrots and pace it as shown in the picture
  • Place carrot in middle to make  the nose and whiskers
  • Add the cadbury balls to make the eyes
  • Use olives to make the mouth and the food mask is ready to serve served

I hope you enjoyed this form of foodart and have learned to make fun food mask for kids. In case you liked this foodart you can also check some more i made in past here

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5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

Which parent does not want their kids to lead a happy and a healthy life. We all do, isn’t it? and yet we fall to the trap of media who are bombarding us to use X products by brands and pharmaceutical companies, upgrade to fortified […]

Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase

Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase

How many of you go through a phase where your kid is disinterested in food.  Surprisingly half of the children go through the picky eating phase in the early years of growth and development. And before you start panicking as a mom. let me tell […]

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids

A picky eater or a toddler who refuses to consume the food can be very frustrating for a parent.  Being a parent you might have googled out of town for solutions, seemed advice from fellow mom, taken suggestion from your peers and yet you could find the result being the same. And I understand this completely because there are days where I see my lo is on hunger strike and I wonder how to offer food to him. I do have thoughts of giving junk too as long as a morsel goes in his mouth. But I guess the answer lies in our attitude. Yes you read it right,  the way we behave has affects on a childs mind, body and soul and here are these 10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their Kids that should be avoided.


If you think forcing your kid to eat food will teach him to accept food then you are wrong. It is going to back fire really bad because he will start disliking meal time.  My lo once did not eat any grain for 3 days because I was upset he was not eating and I forced him to eat khichdi and it became worse.

Solution : Don’t make a fuss about it. Leave the food with him and let him explore.  If he is hungry he will have it or not take anything in his mouth.  One meal rejected does not mean your child will be starving throughout the day. 


Parents most of the time fall into the trap of short order cooking. This is basically out of fear that the child will reject the meal and ultimately they will have to offer something else.  However, cooking on demand sends a wrong message.

Solution : Plan a meal where the kid can see at least one of his favorite food in it.  He may not complete the entire plate but definitely will explore all the food you have served. Say for example your kid loves Dal rice.  Try and make Palak Dal rice and get him to love greens


We were taught since childhood how important it is to not waste and finish off every bite in the plate. And since it is reinforced in our mind we expect a toddler to do the same.

Solution : Keep targets that will help you to help your child love food.  Aim for 1 tbsp as per the age of the child for each dish that needs to be completed. Say for example a 2 year old should complete 2 tbsp of veggies, 2 tbsp of Dal, 2 tbsp of salad, 2 tbsp of rice etc and be satisfied with it.

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids


It is a surprising fact that toddlers have more taste buds than we do.  So what may seem less spicy or less salty for us would be too spicy or too salty for them. I had not fed my lo salt till one year of age after I introduced our food he could not adjust to our salt consumption and hence rejected food.  It took me a lot of time to understand his behavior but that’s when I realized he has his own taste buds too

Solution  : Try and understand their taste preference.  And the weird part is they keep changing their taste pallet  depending on season,  teething times, growth etc.   Keep a check on their taste requirements and cook food matching their taste-buds


Don’t assume that if a child rejected a food once, that he or she will never like it again. It takes about 20 times of exposing the child to one food to get them to like it. Do not remove the food from the child’s diet.

Solution : keep introducing the food time to time say every 20 days and allow him to explore.  He may spit it out or may choose to eat it and make us feel lucky.

Kiaan never liked mangoes when the season started but when we had the last stash of mangoes before the rain began he ate it in a jiffy and we felt lucky.


Snack time is in a way a fun playtime that helps to improve the growth of the child.  Instead of offering biscuits, candies or fried foods that are high in calories, give them to munch something nutritious

Solution : Plan out your snacks in advance on what interval you will offer fruits,  proteins,  dairy products etc and stick to it.


It’s very much a parental attribute to reward a child for eating well.  And rewards are generally in form of sugar loaded sweets or junk food because let’s face it, who does not like junk!  Well it’s a big No No to reward a child to eat healthy. Eating healthy is not an accomplishment but a habit that we have to inculcate

Solution  : Don’t reward your child for completing veggies.  Always reward a child for good behavior and with non food products like a trip to park, bubble bath etc


Don’t you tell your kids, we will eat pizza on a Sunday only if you complete your veggies today or this week etc.  It’s  a wrong methodology to teach your child to eat. In fact the demands will keep increasing an there is never an end to it

Solution : follow the 80:20 rule in the house.  Everyday serve 80% healthy meal and give into your child’s demand once a day. The idea is he needs to understand between good and junk. He will eventually understand the difference and not create a fuss or demand unhealthy food. On the contrary, he will be satisfied and you never know,he may surprise you by saying NO he does not want to eat the sweet and opt for healthy food.

So for example, if he demands a sweet after completing his meal than give it to him and let him feel good about it. But dont make it an everyday thing. You need to balance out when to say a yes or a no.

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids


Most of the Parents tell kids not to eat junk but eat in front of them.  You are setting a wrong example and the kid is ultimately going to throw a tantrum.

SolutionIf you don’t want your kid to eat fatty food like chips, jams etc then you yourself say goodbye to it and stop getting it home. When you don’t have it in your kitchen shelf there is no question of tantrums taking place


I guess this one tops the list.  Every person, a kid or an adult browses the phone or watches TV while eating.  I won’t get into how harmful it is but we all are servants to digital media these days.

Solution : Meal time is a Gadget Detox time and all you have to do is laugh,  play and enjoy good food with each other. So talk to them, sing rhymes and have some conversations.

So these were some 10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids. You can be a smart parent and start working on your mistakes and make meal time fun rather than stressful.  And also if you like this article you are to like my foodarts which i make for fussy eaters and i hope that can help you in plating food creatively for your child so he/she consumes the meal in a jiffy.

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Learn to make some Fun DIY activity with Veggies for the Kids

Learn to make some Fun DIY activity with Veggies for the Kids

I created a poll on Instagram to find out, whether moms would be interested if I share and DIY Activities for kids that involve usage of Food. And I got lot of messages saying, moms wanted to make food fun  and have a teaching and […]



Is your baby suffering from nasal congestion? As a parent it is difficult to watch your baby struggle with their stuffy nose. Although nasal congestion is common in babies and children, it can be very upsetting for a baby, especially at feeding and sleeping time, […]

5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids

5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids

Do you love Pizzas ? Who doesn’t. But does your kid eat pizza with veggies loaded in it. A bite, may be a slice but keeps demanding Cheese Pizza only?  Well it has become a challenge these days for parents to get their children to eat veggies without them showing a tantrum. Since Pizza is already known for its junk nature its heartbreaking for a mom to see her child gulping only cheese and bread. Well I am here trying to solve your problems by sharing 5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids.

I have experimented few of these ways with my nephew since my lo is too young to eat a Pizza. And few of them are basis my research. Instead of facing a showdown at the dinner table these tips may help your kid eat healthy at the same time your kid is delighted as ever . So here I am sharing these 5 ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids


5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids

You can apply this method if your kid is just fussy but has well balance taste-buds for veggies. All you can do is creatively design the topping in the shape of their favourite cartoon character,  some random theme etc. The Idea is to present the food well – what is good to eye will be good to eat as well. In this I have shared a rainbow theme example that goes with the current monsoon season and has loads of veggies stuffed to it


5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids

This trick you can apply when your kid shows ultimate tantrums to have only cheese pizza but does not care about the taste. Select the veggies of your choice, cook it well and blend it a mixture. Mix the veggies with the tomato based pizza sauce and spread it on the base of the pizza. Well the good part is there are veggies in it which your kid does not know about and your mission is accomplished. However make sure you use the right combination of vegetables

3. Create Colourful Mini Pizzas

5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids

Before I express my view point, plz dont go by the look of the pic. This is for reference only. The idea is to create colourful mini pizza by changing the ingredients of the pizza sauce. So one sauce is made of tomatoes, other one is spinach, the third one is beetroot mixed with carrots. Just create a separate base for the pizza and make your dinner table colourful.


5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids

YES, You read it write. Make your own pizza dough using the vegetable cauliflower. There are many recipes available on youtube. Many make use of egg. but incase you are vegetarian like me try the vegan recipe of cauliflower dough pizza. It may sound strange but there are brands abroad who only sell cauliflower dough to consumers, restaurants etc. This is one of the best and healthy option we have

5. Cottage Cheese is the Cheese

5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids

This is another way to offer a good protein intake to the kids. Create a mixture of Cottage Cheese-Mozzarella Cheese and Parmesan or the cheese your lo prefers in ratio of 3:1. The mixture will ensure your kid eats healthy  and at the same time he can see cheese dripping off from the sides.

I hope these little hacks would help you to get your kid eat healthy and also relish his tastebuds at the same time. A little hardwork from our side can ensure we teach them to live healthy. So bye for now and do let me know in the comments did you like these 5 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Home Cooked Pizza for the Kids.

If you liked this post, you can also check out some tips and tricks I have shared to get your kids drink milk using natural mixers here.

Learn to make Jain Rajma Chawal Recipe in Punjabi Style

Learn to make Jain Rajma Chawal Recipe in Punjabi Style

Does your mouth water when you hear RAJMA CHAWAL?  I assume it does, since it is one of the patent dish you will find in 90% of Punjabi House. But do you know there are so many varieties of this one simple dish like the […]

Sprouted Moong Recipes for Weight Loss – Dietitian Recommended

Sprouted Moong Recipes for Weight Loss – Dietitian Recommended

We all have heard this proverb “Health is Wealth”. But how much do we really take care of our health in the real sense. Specially after giving a birth to a baby our lives focus is on the kid, family, job, sleepless nights etc etc. […]

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

Milk is one of the most important things I feed my child every day. My Lo is a toddler and he enjoys milk but I have seen his cousins dreading to complete a glass of plain milk just because they don’t like the taste of it. And poor Momma is always worried on how to get them finish the glass of milk or inculcate fondness towards milk. Well I understand its tough to get kids to eat/drink things they don’t like but we can always attempt various ways to get to like them food which is important and healthy. So I am going to share 3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids. But before I give some valuable tips let me tell you some important facts I came across through my personal survey on Instagram.

I created a poll on instagram asking moms how do they serve milk to their kids. I divided the poll in two segments

  1. Natural – Flavoured milk using healthy options available at home like turmeric, saffron, milkshakes, smoothies etc
  2. Branded – Malt based drinks like Pediasure, Horlicks etc

Although the result reflected that 60% moms make use of natural ingredients but also there are good number of moms who give malt drinks to their kids just because kids don’t like milk. It is not a surprise that these drinks are considered to be one of the ” health food drink ” in most of the houses today. There are enticing ads spread across TV, Social Media, Newspapers claiming how nutritious and beneficial these health drinks are for the growth and development of the child and it can be quite difficult for a mom to take an informed decision.

The problem with malt drinks is that most of these powders have a cereal base (any flour including wheat flour), soy, milk powder, loads of sugar, a flavouring agent like cocoa powder, and some vitamins and minerals. And, they cost approximately Rs 300-Rs. 500 per kg. The ads claim that these health drinks helps absorb calcium from milk. Well, the truth is sugar hinders absorption of calcium and also depletes phosphorus and most of these powders contain loads of sugar.

In-spite of us being so well informed, we cannot eradicate these drinks just because our kids are usede to the taste, or attracted to the advertisements or simply the kid believes his best friend has it and so should he. So let’s become a smart mom and start changing your kids preference towards milk slowly and steadily. Here I am sharing with you 3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids.

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids


Kids are attracted to colours. It is said colours affect emotions. But how can a plain white colour liquid will affect the kid. The answer is simple – make the milk colourful through natural ingredients.  Coloured milk is a rare sight for a kid to see because his mind has been trained that milk is white and when one can offer different colours 7 days a week it is going to be fun.

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

So prepare a milk calendar as shown in the image and serve different colour and variety of milk to your children. Let them be a part of the process and tell them to select the colour and offer that variety to the milk.

In the above chart, I have selected the following combinations which are beneficial for the development of the child.

  1. Monday – Turmeric Milk/ Saffron Milk – Yellow : This is one of the old grandmas recipe very effective to fight cold/cough and also helps to build immunity
  2. Tuesday – Plain Milk – White : You can add natural sweeteners like jaggery / honey if you want some sweetness in your milk instead of processed sugar.
  3. Wednesday – Rose/ Roohafza Milk – Pink : The pink colour is appealing to eyes and has a soothing effect which will help your kid to relax a little
  4. Thursday – Fruit Flavoured Milk – Colourful : You can select seasonal fruits like mangoes for orange, strawberries for pink etc which can make the milk look fresh and appealing or choose the basics like banana. Plz do not add citrus fruits in the milk
  5. Friday – Chocolate Milk – Brown : Most of the kids like chocolatey flavour. Dark cocoa is a better substitute to branded milk
  6. Saturday – Dry Fruits/ Dates Milk – Cream : We all are aware about the importance of dry fruits like almonds, pistachios etc and it is one of the most healthiest way to offer with milk.
  7. Sunday – Kids Favourite : If your child has manged to keep up to your promise he/she definitely deserves a treat and hence serve what he likes. You never know instead of malt drink he may just choose to drink any of the above natural flavoured milk.

Once you stick to the above plan and still feel your child is being fussy, you can try out the following ways to get him used to natural milk


It is important to make your milk look attractive to the eyes. The funda is simple, if it looks good it tastes good and that is the secret ingredient and which i focus on just like my foodarts

So to entice your child you can choose to follow any below mentioned options.

Funky cups and straws

Image result for kids straw3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

Get some colourful quirky straws like the ones in the pic and just pop them into the glass of milk. You can even get your kids favourite colour cup or favourite character cup and make the milk glass look special

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

Sprinkle Rims 

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

Simply wet the rim of a glass, pour some sprinkles/ chocolate flakes into a shallow bowl or plate, and dip the glass rim into the sprinkles!  Pour in the milk as you would do normally, and serve.

Make it Frothy 

Kids love the milky froth on the top of their milk shake and drinks. You can invest in a milk frother and get your kids to make some lovely milk moustaches.


Engage your kids with some fun DIY Milk activities once a week so that they look forward to some fun time with you as well as improve their acceptance towards Milk

Dunken Game – Just as we all know the best way to eat Oreos is dunk it in the milk and eat it. We can create a game where one can dunk some cereals, cookies, marshmallows and finish the milk

Create Milk Lollies 

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

Simply freeze milk shakes in ice tray or moulds and create some exciting milky lollies. You can add natural sweetners like honey, dates or some fruits to make it interesting and colourful each time.

Coloured Ice Cubes – This is such an easy way to dress up a glass of milk.  Create some colored ice cubes using a drop of food colouring or natural colouring agents in the ice trays and pour it in the glass of milk making it look colourful

Well, I hope you liked these 3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids. A little hard work is needed by you to push your child in going all natural and creating acceptance towards home made health drink.

Do share your feedback /suggestion and shower some love on this post.

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