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My one year blog anniversary : The inspiration behind the blog

My one year blog anniversary : The inspiration behind the blog

A year ago, I never had an intention of becoming a blogger. Becoming a full time blogger was a chance I took when people started appreciating my content. I love being a creative artist wanting to share my work and passion for the work I […]

5 home cooked indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

5 home cooked indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

Travelling with a toddler or a kid is not an easy task. You have to be up all the time to match with their energies no matter you are tired or not. And when it comes to food, kids can get really cranky and grumpy […]

Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Whenever I make Foodarts, the first thing i am judged and questioned about is – Are you a working mom or a homemaker ? And when I say I am a full time blogger…there is a smirk which means No Wonder I have time for all this stuff !! I know many moms who are reading my article can sense and relate to this situation.  We kind of fall into the category of “so called working moms” ..isn’t it?

Well, I dont intend to pull it further but the truth is whether we are “working moms” or “so called working mom” or a “homemaker” we all have our ways for doing things for our little one and we somehow manage to find out time for them for instance we sit with them to complete a project or just paint with them etc. And i think making this food craft is no different from the rest of the activities i plan with my child.

I know the areas where my kid can be fussy and I devote 15 mins extra time of mine and make it fun rather a stressful experience. And thats how mommies I FIND TIME to do what I love. And hence I am sharing some tips on how you can learn to make fun foodarts for your kids without investing too much time.

Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

  1. Take inspiration from everything your kids love – Books, Cartoons, Pictures, Cliparts etc 
  2. Draw on a paper how you want your design to look like. You dont have to be artistic, you just have to use some imagination
  3. Decide in advance what ingredients you would want the design to have and just note it down
  4. Go in the kitchen and prepare the dish
  5. Start plating it as per the design you have sketched 
  6. Enjoy the finish product

Since you all wanted me to make a foodart using daily home-cooked meal, I have made this cute little hatchling from Roti, Arbi Vegetable and Flavored Rice (peanuts, garlic and onion sauted rice).  If you want to know how I made this, just check this 1 min tutorial on my instagram

If this tutorial interests you, then comment on the post and I will share more videos on how to make fun foodarts for your kids.

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4 skills my toddler developed during ganpati festival

4 skills my toddler developed during ganpati festival

There is silence in my society today, as the 7th day ganpati has bid adieu to us. I personally feel the festival has ended today since i cant hear the melodious bhajans, cannot participate in the aarti/puja, enjoy connecting with faces i did not know […]

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

I always keep talking about how important it is to feed healthy home cooked meals to our children. In the era of Internet, TV, Social media it is easier to google out various kinds of healthy recipes, the right diet for your children, types of […]

The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

We all know, how important it is to consume breakfast in the morning  be it elders or kids. But with the early morning school schedules our kids find it hard to take out time to eat their breakfast properly, simply because everyone in the house is running to keep up pace with the time. And as adults we too succumb to providing easy solutions to kids just to finish our job. But do you tend to realize, the important benefits of healthy breakfast for children ?

1. Assist in maintaining healthy weight

Breakfast means “Breaking-a-fast”. Kids technically sleep for 8-10 hours, that means they haven’t had food for 8-10 hours since their last meal. When you get up, our body needs to refuel itself and breakfast converts the fuel in food to energy. And when metabolism gets moving, body starts burning calories and you can maintain a healthy weight.

2. Acts as a Brain Booster 

Kids need a good attentive span, concentration power and long lasting memory for learning things taught in school, daily life etc. And this can come only if we provide kids with breakfast which is high in fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and other important nutrients.

But as said earlier, it is difficult to prepare healthy breakfast when you are juggling with household chore, getting your kids ready and trying to accommodate your working time etc. Hence I am sharing a few suggestions here that could help you to make and serve healthy breakfast for kids.

  • Create a weekly breakfast planner and stock your kitchen with the essential ingredients
  • Stay prepared a night before like keeping the utensils ready, cutting fruits, setting up the breakfast table etc 
  • I guess this is important get you and your kids up 15 mins earlier then the actual time to stop the hush hush 
  • During days when you are late to prepare a meal, keep healthy grab-and-go alternatives like low sugar cereals, fruits, smoothies, home made mix chivda, etc 
  • If kids are not hungry in the morning, give a separate tiffin box which they can eat in the bus. 
  • Try and include fruits, milk & nuts as a part of your everyday breakfast meal
  • Make use of leftover food of last night and mix it with some different ingredients and create a new dish
  • Make Sunday a Fun breakfast brunch day where you can get your kids to help you, create the foodart as shown above with them works like a DIY activity and enjoy your meal without the hustle bustle of running around.
  • Most important – Eat with your kids and start your day with loads of positive energy, hugs and smiles and happiness

These are some of the important benefits of healthy breakfast for your children. All you need is commitment to make breakfast a healthy mandatory routine of your lifestyle and you have nailed a healthy future for your child.


In case you are looking for a tutorial on how i made this foodart you can check my instagram post 

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Learn to make fun food mask for kids

Learn to make fun food mask for kids

Do your kids enjoy wearing animal masks and enacting like them.  Well who doesn’t,  this is one form of role play for them which is fun, entertaining and thrilling experience for a child. But have you thought, If we could create food animal mask on […]

5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

Which parent does not want their kids to lead a happy and a healthy life. We all do, isn’t it? and yet we fall to the trap of media who are bombarding us to use X products by brands and pharmaceutical companies, upgrade to fortified […]

Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase

Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase

How many of you go through a phase where your kid is disinterested in food.  Surprisingly half of the children go through the picky eating phase in the early years of growth and development. And before you start panicking as a mom. let me tell you it is very much a NORMAL STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT and you need to learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase extremely patiently.

It is recommended, before the child turns two give him an opportunity to explore variety of food specifically fruits and vegetables so that his acceptance towards it increases in futures and the child may start eventually liking it. But in the entire process of familiarizing food to the child, parents use various counter productive feeding practices like force feeding, bribing to eat etc that it actually does more harm than good.  As a mother myself i understand the plight and hence i am sharing one technique  that will be helpful to you and you will learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase.

But before I begin, let me tell you my toddler is going through a phase where he is rejecting all the fruits except banana. As concerned I am I decided to make this cute little foodart for him made form apples and pear. He initially played with the tree shaped pear. Then ate 2 slices of pear and half apple. By the end it was more play where he offered fruits to me , birds etc and i am sure he did not even realize he does not like it.

In case you have still not understood what I achieved was QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Eating two slices made him accept a different taste, texture and mostly acceptance. My job was to provide him healthy nourishment and I left on him to decided how much he wants to consume. This foodart helped me in feeding my fussy toddler. At the same time its a reminder to me this is a phase and it shall pass if I act patiently and thats my advice to all of you.

  • Patience is the key
  • Choose Quality over Quantity

And if you want to create this foodart, you need to do the following

Learn to handle your toddlers fussy eating phase


  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Crushed/Powdered Almonds
  • Chocolate Sauce


  • Cut the Apple in half and scrape a layer to make windows and door as show in the figure
  • Place the apple on the plate as shown in the image
  • Now take a pear and slice it evenly.
  • Cut it in the shape of tree using kitchen knife and place it randomly near the house.
  • To make the land, spread powdered almonds on the plate
  • To make stars and moon, Use chocolate sauce using a toothpick
  • Foodart is ready to serve

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10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids

A picky eater or a toddler who refuses to consume the food can be very frustrating for a parent.  Being a parent you might have googled out of town for solutions, seemed advice from fellow mom, taken suggestion from your peers and yet you could […]

Learn to make some Fun DIY activity with Veggies for the Kids

Learn to make some Fun DIY activity with Veggies for the Kids

I created a poll on Instagram to find out, whether moms would be interested if I share and DIY Activities for kids that involve usage of Food. And I got lot of messages saying, moms wanted to make food fun  and have a teaching and […]



Is your baby suffering from nasal congestion?

As a parent it is difficult to watch your baby struggle with their stuffy nose. Although nasal congestion is common in babies and children, it can be very upsetting for a baby, especially at feeding and sleeping time, since babies are obligatory nose breathers. But through some natural and prescribed medicines you can help them overcome this state of unrest.

But first let’s understand …


Nasal congestion occurs when the membranes lining the nose become swollen from inflamed blood vessels. There can be a variety of things that can cause your baby to develop nasal congestion.

  • Common cold
  • Dry Air
  • Irritants like pollens, dust, perfume etc can cause sensitivity
  • Weather Change
  • Allergies
  • Inherit tendency


It is advisable to know the symptoms of congestion so that you can understand if that is the issue your baby is going through

  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Feeding difficulty.
  • Mucus Discharge
  • Noisy nasal breathing.
    • Snoring
    • Snorting
  • Sneezing & Coughing

Considering on the seriousness of the situation there are various natural as well as prescribed medicines available. Here I am sharing few of them


  1. Breastmilk

Breastmilk also has wonderful antiviral constituents that will get your baby’s nose washed out by a solution that can naturally combat the virus directly. All you have to do is release a drop or two in the baby’s nose and let it do it’s magic of breaking down the mucus

  1. Saline / Nasal Drops

A saline solution is available in nasal mists, sprays and drops from your local chemist or drug store.  Saline nasal drops or sprays can be helpful to wash out the nose, which may assist in relieving congestion due to ‘irritants’. Nasivion Saline Drops is one such solution that helps in moistening nasal passages. However appropriate dosage by using the nasal dropper is advisable

  1. Suction Bulb

The suction bulb is put into the baby’s nose and you need to squeeze the end to essentially suction the snot out. To ensure that your baby is comfortable with the process do it in the correct way as shown in the diagram below

  1. Nasal Decongestions

Armor your baby with medicated drops prescribed by a doctor. Like my doctor prescribed me Nasivion (Mini) Baby Drops to ease the congestion. The drops come in two variant for babies and toddler – of 0.01% & 0.025 % concentration. These drops contain Oxymeatazoline in diluted concentrations that are suitable for infant for freeing up the nose without any trouble. Consult your doctor before using it.

Please check the website for more details and dosage.

  1. Humidifier

New borns have narrow nasal passages that dry quickly. Hence placing a cool mist humidifier adds moisture in the vicinity thereby assisting in clearing up the stuffy nose. However keep in mind , the vapourizer should only be filled with water and not with other substances.

  1. Steam

Alternately a steamy experience can also do wonders, similarly the way it helps adults . Steam up the bathroom and sit or breastfeed the baby for 15 mins, the humidity loosens dry congestion in the nose and helpes to drain out the mucus easily

  1. Elevating the Head

Elevate your baby’s head using pillows or slings while they nurse or sleep. The elevations thins up the mucus from nose and chest relieving baby from congestion.

  1. Keeping the baby hydrated

Staying hydrated prevents the nose from getting stuffed . If your little one has trouble nursing or doesn’t want to take a bottle, use a combination of saline drops and a nasal aspirator before each feeding to help clear congestion, and encourage him to drink as much as possible.

  1. Simple Traditional methods

Use some old traditional method if the congestion is not too severe. Give a warm mustard oil body massage to the baby or some warm juices to kids above 6 months of age. A home made vaporizer can ease down the mucus or a simple wiping off the sticky mess can get some relief .

  1. Know when to wait

If the congestion is not bothering your baby, you probably don’t need to intervene. Don’t panic as I understand you are a parent, but let it be out there and you never know the mucus will die away on it’s own.

Well these were some of my ways that I have used to relief my baby when he has a nasal congestion and it has worked for me to a great extent to get my baby to sleep peacefully inspite of the odds. You can  try out these remedies, however If you using any medicated product be it over the counter ones, I would personally suggest to seek your doctors approval before using it. Every baby is unique and may respond to certain substances in a different way

Also check out this lovely initiative by Nasivion – Happy Nose Happy Mom