Self Improvement Learnings I got watching my kid play in rains

Self Improvement Learnings I got watching my kid play in rains

Rains are our lifeline, we can’t imagine what would happen where there is no rain..still we don’t seem to enjoy and soak in the beauty of it. Barring the first rains, most of the time we tend to crib about the stickiness, wetness, dirt, filth etc which monsoon brings along.  But do we Live in the Moment ?

With this thought, i am making my first attempt to talk on self improvement. The reason I choose to speak on self improvement is i found many of the moms who felt overwhelmed after being a parent and specially those who turned SAHM (Stay at home moms) like me. And i kind of struggled my way only to identify that SELF is an important word that can make or break things. 

Hence, today i’ll be sharing some self improvement learnings I got watching my kid play in rain. A simple act of playing in the rain, made a radical shift in my mind. But before I tell you what i learnt, let me tell you how did i reach to the conclusion.

What do Kids love the most ? They love to PLAY. So when it rains outside, Kid’s don’t want to stay inside. 

Self Improvement Learnings I got watching my kid play in rains

They like to put their raincoats and boots and purposely go out in the rain to play. They love to stop in those muddy puddles, which we call it yuck. They find little streams and splash water on each other or run behind it. They may even make a paper boat and see it sail in the puddles till its all soggy n gone. They turn their umbrellas upside down, to check how much water have they collected and come home drenched without being much bothered.

Now, for a moment think about how we as adults react in a situation like this …

Self Improvement Learnings I got watching my kid play in rains

Imagine you have to cross 200 meters from your car to your building gate and you have no umbrella in hand. What do you do ? Grab your jacket and belongings and squeeze it as hard as possible to yourself making it act as a shield, if you have a book or a purse you try to cover your head with it. Some also check the wind direction and angle of the raindrops falling on them ( i am trying to be funny..hope you laughed). Basically,we try to run as fast  as possible trying to dodge the rains !!!

In the end the result is the same – You are  WET .  But the difference between you and the kid is PERSPECTIVE / OUTLOOK towards the situation.

When you are out in the rain trying to dodge every raindrop, your body is tense, your heart rate is up, and the stress-inducing part of your nervous system is turned on.

But if you stand there and simply recognize the fact that you are going to be wet. You feel the tension release in a matter of seconds. It may not even take 1 min to release the stress levels and its just washed away.

With a tiny shift in the perspective of way you look at things in your day to day life can have major impacts to your mind, body and soul.

This simple rain episode taught me how to change perspective and live in the moment and hence here I am sharing my self improvement learnings.


Kids live in the moment. They are not distracted by the fact that two mins ago they were crying for their favorite toy. Similarly as a parent, if you spending time with your child don’t think about errands or how you are not taking up a job etc etc . Let thoughts not over power your current scenario


Blow bubbles with your child, Listen to music, Break some rules with your child – like eating ice cream on a rainy day. The idea is to identify what gives you happiness. Like for me,my foodart gave me happiness when i began and that made me forget my concerns for few mins.


If we are happy, we smile. If we smile, it makes us feel happy. Our face communicates our state of mind to others and to ourselves. So smile — it will make you happier and help you appreciate yourself.


Worrying today, does not change anything. So forget about whether you were working or not, or whether you will ever take up a job or not. Worrying takes you out of this moment and transports you into the realm of future possibilities, it’s impossible to live in the moment and worry at the same time.


 A child is never sad for a long time – Little things don’t affect them, they give more than 100 % to do things, they say what they feel – similarly you can listen to your emotions and say it out. They are always looking out ways to learn and so can you. So be a child again and live life moments to the fullest.


This blog is part of #birthdayblogtrain hosted by Gunjan & Neha. I would like to thank Shipra  to introduce me to the blog train and would love to introduce Sinduja  to share her take on the monsoon prompts

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