Should you give Multivitamin Gummy Bears to your Kids

Should you give Multivitamin Gummy Bears to your Kids

In the year 2020, one of the temptation I had was to serve multivitamin Gummy to my child. The reason being online schooling increased screen time which made me so anxious, that I thought of introducing Vitamin A or necessary supplements which does not affect his eyesight in particular. Also staying indoor meant less absorption of Vitamin D in the body.

All these thoughts kept crossing my mind and I came across a post circulated in the mom’s community wherein moms gave multivitamin gummy bears to their kids. Health is an important factor for any mom, as there is lot of fear floating around nutrients all thanks to the Google, Instagram and Adv Commercials going around. Without much of hesitation, I too jumped the bandwagon by ordering a multivitamin gummy bear box for my child.

The multivitamin gummy bear box did arrive in my house and it kept me in constant thinking whether I have taken the right step or not or  am I just offering him as a healthy substitute to meet his demands for sweets. With all the confusion I thought of doing a little bit of research on why multivitamins ( specially the gummy bears one) ?? Basis whatever I have researched, I would like to share some facts on the same 

  • Multivitamin Gummy Bears are not regulated by the FDA 
  • The gummy bears may not contain the same amount of nutrients as listed in the label. Research has said that more then 80% of gummy vitamins tested did not match to the nutrients listed in the label
  • The appealing taste of gummy vitamins is because of the high presence of sugar. Even gummy bears which state they have no added sugar or are sugar free may contain sugar alcohols which are listed under total carbohydrates on the label ( very few of them will really be sugar free in the right sense )
  • High usage of food colors to make it attractive to kids
  • The sticky nature of the gummies can increase the risk of cavities in kids 

So the next question which actually popped up in my mind  was 

Do we need to give multivitamin supplements to our kids ?

As per my understanding, the answer is actually “NO”. The first thing that all parents should focus is on creating a strong base. What I mean by base means is asking the question ” Is my child eating enough ? Is my child eating a variety of food from all the food groups ?” If the answer is yes, it is unlikely your kid will  need an external supplement.

If you as a parent is offering a variety of food and your child seems not to be consuming, you need to take external help from your pediatrician ( some cases there are specialized pediatric dietitian too) and can get his/her evaluation and also identify ways to include food your kids does not like may be in form of new recipes, more exposure, lovely presentation etc.

Few of my blog post can also help you, to get your child eat most of the food types available . 

Basis your discussion with the pediatrician,  if your child is low in a certain vitamin or mineral, it’s best to only supplement those key nutrients as prescribed by your doctor and not add more external supplements. This is to ensure no added toxicity is added because at the end of the day supplements are not natural.

One of the key pointers I feel is, Multivitamin Gummy Bears look like candies.  Medication and Nutrition should be taken seriously and kid should not feel they can take deficiency for fun by covering it up with gummies. On the other hand, doctors too don’t prescribe gummies as a form of medicine or a supplement to some deficiency.  (at least I know off and basis my experience)

The Bottom Line

  • As mentioned earlier, multivitamin gummy bears are not regulated by the FDA
  • Children rarely require additional supplements or may need in negligible additional amounts which can be solved through right food intake
  • Most of the Multivitamin gummies do not solve the purpose.
    •  They do not have the claimed nutrition value
    • Additionally loaded with sugar and artificial colours
  • Consult your pediatrician and get your child diagnosed for any deficiency
  • If there is a deficiency strictly follow your doctors prescription 
    • Don’t look for substitutes because your child may refuse the liquid or medicine
    • Ask the doctor, if your child refuses to consume the prescribed medicine
    • Do not consult your friend whose baby went through a similar deficiency
  • Focus on providing food which are nutrition dense 
    • Ensure you serve you child food which covers the requirement of all the food groups
    • Be their Role Model – Cook family meals and eat along with them

I hope this blog post helped you to get some insights on multivitamin supplements, usage and how to go about it. Share this post with other mommies so that they can research on the subject and take well informed decisions.

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