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Energy Date Balls Recipe for Kids and Toddlers

Energy Date Balls Recipe for Kids and Toddlers

As a parent, I have always been looking forward to craft some yummy recipes for my child which can be easy, quick and instant at the same time healthy.  As a mom, I found my child being little iron deficient and so I wanted to […]

Winter Foods to give your kids this season

Winter Foods to give your kids this season

The winter season has arrived in some parts of our country. However this year we have seen some unfortunate changes in our ecology. The rains did not stop until November . The October heat was pushed to November , infact  Mumbai still has not seen […]

Celebrating Nutrtion Week with Ryan International School

Celebrating Nutrtion Week with Ryan International School

Being a foodartist, i got a lovely opportunity to associate with one of the premium schools in the city of Mumbai named Ryan International School for the nutrition week organised by them. 

The idea of this initiative was to offer parents with tips, tricks and solutios on how to get their kids to eat healthy meals. It was not about only cooking meals and offering the child, but to take a step ahead and entice the young minds towards developing healthy habits.

Considering I have been into foodart since some time now, Ryan offered me the opportunity to showcase mommies and even teach them to make foodarts that could help them in long term.

So here i am sharing step by step tutorial    i made from them through these videos as a part of   the nutrition week  with Ryan International School

First Foodart – The Owl made from fruits

In this foodart, i have shared a step by step process on how to make the owl using apples and pomograntes as the main ingrdient. It is super simple, quick and effective way to get kids eating fruit. My 2.6 ear toddler completed the entire platter in one go.

Second Foodart – The Clown made from Roti, Sabzi and Rice

Most moms complaint that they want their kids to enoy home cooked meals like roti and sabzi and not create a fuss at the dinner table. Well touching on these points i shared a step by step tutorial on how to create a clown and make the meal fun

Third Foodart – The Ship made from tomato omllete

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Kids make a lot of fuss and do not want to complete their meals. Teh are in rush to reach schools or take ample of time at the breakfast table, but foodart like these ensure, they gobble up such yummy meals 

This was my way of celebrating nutrition week with Ryan International School by giving a complete guide on how to create foodart and think like a kid. Kids enjoy these simple elements of life and we can make a better contribution if we think, act and behave like them.

If you enjoyed these videos, you can take a peek to my foodarts here

Monsoon food ideas for kids with rainbow colours

Monsoon food ideas for kids with rainbow colours

Finally the monsoon season has started with a bang, and Mumbai is already drenched in its heavy rain. However rains cannot be enjoyed if you do not offer a complementing meal to it. Well in this post I and Foram Modi from The Slim Possible […]

7 Food Art Ideas that Kids will love

7 Food Art Ideas that Kids will love

In todays era, where pizza, pasta, burger are easily available..kids do not want to indulge or rather dont like eating our desi food. Forget them, we too sulk in the pool of desserts and have those cheat days. But we wan’t our kids to adopt […]

Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina

Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina

Diarrhoea, one of the most common ailments occurring to children specially below 5 years of age, is a common problem that may last a few days or may disappear on its own. I have a 2year old and I understand how frequent this can occur at this tender age.

Mostly children go through acute diarrhoea i.e lasting not more than 14 days. This can be because of seasonal variations specially before the onset of monsoon or at the end of dry summers, food allergies or disorders, lactose intolerance, problem with the celiac disease & inflammatory bowel disease etc.

As per WHO Diarrhoea is the second killer in the world. And these stats talk about how we are unaware of this mild – aggressive disease.

Considering to be privileged, I got to attend the #happytummiesmeet   organized by Enterogermina who shared some facts and broke my myths on diarrhoea, how to treat it and ensure to adopt probiotics before antibiotics for my child’s health.

The event started with a very informative session hosted by Paediatrician Dr. Zinal Unadkat who shared her wisdom on the subject. She expressed a very simple plan of action to treat kids with diarrhoea.

Managing Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina

Managing Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina

  • Offer as much of fluids containing electrolytes to kids
  • If the baby is breastfeeding, then the breastfed milk is one of the best way to have a speedy recovery
  • Maintain hygiene levels like wash your hands after every diaper change, change diaper immediately after a bowel to prevent rash, use water instead of wipes
  • Most importantly make use of probiotics to reduce the incidences of diarrhoea and ensure the balance of good bacteria in the body

Why Probiotics ?

Our gut has both good bacteria & bad bacteria. When your body is attacked by external pathogens, the bacterial balance is affected and then there is a rise of bad bacteria. That is where Enterogermina helps to improve the growth of good bacteria helping to restore the gut function making it Paediatricians No.1 choice

With the abundance of information, and some Q&A sessions the event proceeded ahead with some fun games organized for the kids like the one below.

Managing Diarrhoea with Probiotic Enterogermina
Kiaan feeding healthy food to Popeye

The cartoon character Popeye has always been an inspiration to get kids to eat spinach. Enterogermina emphasized on healthy eating habits by giving healthy & junk food cards to kids. They had to throw the junk food cards in the health bin and feed the healthy food to popeye. Kids had fun and obviously learnt a lot about good food eating habits.

Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina
Meet the bad bacteria
Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina
Meet the good bacteria

Also, there was a lovely skit organized explaining good-bad bacteria & importance of one’s gut health using Enterogermina . It was fun and entertaining to kids as well as adults. Kiaan was super happy yet reluctant to meet the man bacteria.

The event ended with a very informative TVC by Enterogermina Probiotics and some lovely goodies for moms and kids.

Overall, the event gave a lot of insights helping us moms to know how we can address the diarrhoea issues and take right steps to keep our child at ease. At the end we want our kids to jump around make noise and be healthy and #happytummiesmeet taught us how to Fight Diarrhoea with Enterogermina in the best way possible.

Learn to Fight Diarrhoea with  Probiotic Enterogermina
Ragi Halwa Recipe for babies and kids

Ragi Halwa Recipe for babies and kids

I have always been a mom who has shown keen interest in serving tradtional foods to babies and leaving the western culture for the weekends. Having said that , one of key ingredients i had introduced to my kid since he was 7 months old […]

A road trip to the indian farms with a toddler

A road trip to the indian farms with a toddler

As parents, entertaining a toddler in summer season or rather vacations is always a task. No matter how much we indulge them in summer workshops, get them to play outdoors or in a play area, channelizing their energy is one of the toughest things to […]

Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Do you know any kid who is not in love with cookies and biscuits. ? Well i know my little fellow could be a brand ambassador of cookie culture. He loves, savors and relishes cookies and it is one of his regular evening snacks.

But as a mom I have always worried about his cookies consumption simply because of lack of nutrition and over usage of sugars and artificial flavours. Although there are products which claim their cookies are made of “wholewheat”, “fibre-rich” or “oatmeal”, the actual proportion of wholewheat, fibre and oats may be just 5-10% (within limits prescribed by food safety regulator) while the remaining composition is of unhealthy refined flour.

Also under the kids and baby food segment, I  encountered cookies which are organic in nature, but my little one refused to consume it on account of taste, or lack of easy availability and still some had high percentage of sugar.

As you all know, i believe in the goodness of indian ingredients and I wanted my kid to enjoy cookies but at the same time wanted traditional ingredients like cookies made out of jaggery and flour like Nachni, Amaranth, Sattu Maavu and i finally stumbled upon this lovely mom founded organic brand named “EARLY FOODS” that focused into offering traditional indian food in a modernized way that would frame a healthy lifestyle habit.

“EARLY FOODS” strongly promotes to feed Fresh, Natural and Chemical Free Food to the Children. With the purity in the companies objective, they have used their insights to create a wide range of cookies that is specially designed and formulated keeping young kids in mind.



Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids



Early Foods Cookies come in conventional packaging, with a cuboidal cardboard box and a food grade on the inner side. 

The good part is the packaging clearly mentions there is no refined sugar, no baking powder/soda or raising agents, no artificial preservatives – making it 100% chemical free, thereby allowing purchasing decision to happen smoothly

Overall the packing is simple, colourful with not very kiddish outlook but ensuring the cookies don’t crumble within to disappoint the kids.


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kidsThey stick to the claim of offering pure jaggery flavored cookies. The flavour of jaggery is so distinctive that it seeps even in the chocolate flavoured cookie.

Some of you may even find the cookie to be a littler harder and lacking smoothness, but that is because of the whole-grains flour used. Refine foods melt in your mouth but whole-grains food need to be chewed well, so if you find it hard just dip it in milk and feed your kid.

The cookie texture and taste reminds me of my childhood days on how my grandmom use to make biscuits at home, when there were no ovens and still it use to turn out crunchy and yummy. Similarly, bcaz of the use of ancient ingredients like ragi, sattu maavu etc. combined with jaggery there is an outburst of indian flavours which you would want your kids to explore.

Also, the cookies are not super sweet in taste but i rather say its perfectly sweet, making it easily edible & enticing the tastebuds.


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Early Foods currently offers 6 different variants of cookies

  • Organic Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Multigrain Sattu Maavu Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Ragi Amaranth Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Dry Fruit Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Gluten Free Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Beetroot Jaggery Cookies

They make use of whole organic food-grains, organic jaggery and cow butter. Non organic ingredients include various nuts & seeds, spices, milk, & others.

My kid relishes dry fruit, ragi choco and gluten free flavoured cookies. I believe this is the only brand which offers such a good mix of traditional ingredients and flavours.


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

A 150 pack of cookies contain around 14 cookies . You may find the size of the biscuit small but unlike others it has dense nutrition content. I would recommend to give your kid 1-2 biscuits a day. My toddler is 2 years old and 2 biscuits help to ease out his hunger pangs. A;s 


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Keeping in fact the goodness of  this brand – offering 100% chemical free products, making use of jaggery instead of refined sugar, making use of whole-grains instead of maida or other unhealthy substitutes, i would happily pay Rs199/- for a pack of cookies.

Also the brand offers some lovely combo packs – like a pack of 2 or 4 which cost almost 25% less then the actual MRP, thereby ensuring a pack of cookie comes at a value of Rs150/- .

Considering in line with most artisanal brand charge which also do not provide such healthy alternatives, spending this amount works for me. After all, as a mother i would never want to compromise on the food i give to my child considering the fact a mom brand has taken care of my needs and made a product of my choice available to me.


Basis my experience with other brand and this, I feel Early Foods has stuck to its vision of providing chemical free, organic natural food. Plus the elimination of refined sugar does the magic for me. As far as my child feels his mom is offering a tasty snack and he looks forward to it, the brand has fulfilled it’s promise to appeal the child and make moms life easy.

If you found this information useful and enjoyed my review of early foods jaggery cookies than you can visit the brands website “Early Foods” for more details. Also, you can find this product online on amazon, firstcry, baby chakra, big basket etc.

Mini Pea Pancakes Recipe for Kids

Mini Pea Pancakes Recipe for Kids

I needed a recipe on colourful panckaes for an initiative that I started on my instagram called #tasty4munchkins and at the same time to offer some variety to my little one. So I was on a hunt for some quick and easy meals for a […]

8 easy and healthy oats recipe for toddlers and kids

8 easy and healthy oats recipe for toddlers and kids

I have started an initiative on my instagram account with 3 mom bloggers to share some healthy recipes for kids under the #tasty4munchkins. The idea is we want moms to give an easy platform to access recipes and solve their meal planning problems with the […]

Tips to celebrate Halloween with kids in India

Tips to celebrate Halloween with kids in India

Let me be very honest, it is very little I know about Halloween. But from whatever I have read, the following is my understanding of the festival.

Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is believed it was originated during the ancient celtic festival of Samhain, where people would lightt bonfires and wear spooky costumes to ward off the evil.

Whereas we in India celebrate diwali to mark the return of Lord Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman from their 14 year long exile in the forest as well as celebrating victory over Ravana.

With such two different thought processes, two different origins, becoming a part of the festival may seem weired but the good part is one can gain some knowledge and learn about the culture and festivals. So I am here sharing some tips to celebrate halloween with Kids in India

TIP 1 Host a Halloween Play Date at home

This can be a lot of hardwork, but can be one of the most fun way of celebrating the festival. Deck up your house with Halloween decorations like fake cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, hanging skeletons and more. Plan your food and drinks in Halloween style with eateries shaped like monsters, cupcakes oozing out blood-coloured jam. And the most important plan some fun engaging Halloween activities for kids and enjoy the madness. If you cant host  a party go to the ones that are organised for the kids


There are various competitions organised for kids like Halloween Fancy Dress Costume, Halloween Drama etc. make your kids a part of those so they will learn more above it and also get your creative minds ticking. This will lead to more research, more knowledge and more enjoyment.


Create a club with mommies residing nearby wherein every mom will read out a hallloween story and conduct activities 3 times a week. Kids can also exchange books with each other and have some fun . It would be advisable to have this club for 15-20 days and ensure kids can take the most out of it


If you like experimenting with food then this can be the time. Just wear on your chef hat along with the little one and make some pumpkin enriched meals for your family. You can also try out your hands on Foodart like me and make normal meal times fun for kids.


Plan an offbeat trip like camping with your little one or going to resorts near the forest. Make tents, light a bonfire and enjoy hot chocolate along with toasted marshmallows or savor spicy treats. Play games to make it a more thrilling Halloween night. The eerie sounds of the jungle and the insects will surely add the drama for a perfect Halloween ambiance.

Hope you enjoyed these 5 tips to celebrate halloween with kids in India. And incase you like the foodart too visit my instagram page to know what indian ingredients i have used to make this foodart and i am sure you will be a little surprised afte rall its diwali time too !!