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Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Learn to make Fun Foodarts for your Kids

Whenever I make Foodarts, the first thing i am judged and questioned about is – Are you a working mom or a homemaker ? And when I say I am a full time blogger…there is a smirk which means No Wonder I have time for […]

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

7 great habits to make your children smart and healthy

I always keep talking about how important it is to feed healthy home cooked meals to our children. In the era of Internet, TV, Social media it is easier to google out various kinds of healthy recipes, the right diet for your children, types of […]

The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

The important benefits of healthy breakfast for children

We all know, how important it is to consume breakfast in the morning  be it elders or kids. But with the early morning school schedules our kids find it hard to take out time to eat their breakfast properly, simply because everyone in the house is running to keep up pace with the time. And as adults we too succumb to providing easy solutions to kids just to finish our job. But do you tend to realize, the important benefits of healthy breakfast for children ?

1. Assist in maintaining healthy weight

Breakfast means “Breaking-a-fast”. Kids technically sleep for 8-10 hours, that means they haven’t had food for 8-10 hours since their last meal. When you get up, our body needs to refuel itself and breakfast converts the fuel in food to energy. And when metabolism gets moving, body starts burning calories and you can maintain a healthy weight.

2. Acts as a Brain Booster 

Kids need a good attentive span, concentration power and long lasting memory for learning things taught in school, daily life etc. And this can come only if we provide kids with breakfast which is high in fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and other important nutrients.

But as said earlier, it is difficult to prepare healthy breakfast when you are juggling with household chore, getting your kids ready and trying to accommodate your working time etc. Hence I am sharing a few suggestions here that could help you to make and serve healthy breakfast for kids.

  • Create a weekly breakfast planner and stock your kitchen with the essential ingredients
  • Stay prepared a night before like keeping the utensils ready, cutting fruits, setting up the breakfast table etc 
  • I guess this is important get you and your kids up 15 mins earlier then the actual time to stop the hush hush 
  • During days when you are late to prepare a meal, keep healthy grab-and-go alternatives like low sugar cereals, fruits, smoothies, home made mix chivda, etc 
  • If kids are not hungry in the morning, give a separate tiffin box which they can eat in the bus. 
  • Try and include fruits, milk & nuts as a part of your everyday breakfast meal
  • Make use of leftover food of last night and mix it with some different ingredients and create a new dish
  • Make Sunday a Fun breakfast brunch day where you can get your kids to help you, create the foodart as shown above with them works like a DIY activity and enjoy your meal without the hustle bustle of running around.
  • Most important – Eat with your kids and start your day with loads of positive energy, hugs and smiles and happiness

These are some of the important benefits of healthy breakfast for your children. All you need is commitment to make breakfast a healthy mandatory routine of your lifestyle and you have nailed a healthy future for your child.


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Learn to make fun food mask for kids

Learn to make fun food mask for kids

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5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

5 tips to raise happy and healthy kids

Which parent does not want their kids to lead a happy and a healthy life. We all do, isn’t it? and yet we fall to the trap of media who are bombarding us to use X products by brands and pharmaceutical companies, upgrade to fortified […]

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids

A picky eater or a toddler who refuses to consume the food can be very frustrating for a parent.  Being a parent you might have googled out of town for solutions, seemed advice from fellow mom, taken suggestion from your peers and yet you could find the result being the same. And I understand this completely because there are days where I see my lo is on hunger strike and I wonder how to offer food to him. I do have thoughts of giving junk too as long as a morsel goes in his mouth. But I guess the answer lies in our attitude. Yes you read it right,  the way we behave has affects on a childs mind, body and soul and here are these 10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their Kids that should be avoided.


If you think forcing your kid to eat food will teach him to accept food then you are wrong. It is going to back fire really bad because he will start disliking meal time.  My lo once did not eat any grain for 3 days because I was upset he was not eating and I forced him to eat khichdi and it became worse.

Solution : Don’t make a fuss about it. Leave the food with him and let him explore.  If he is hungry he will have it or not take anything in his mouth.  One meal rejected does not mean your child will be starving throughout the day. 


Parents most of the time fall into the trap of short order cooking. This is basically out of fear that the child will reject the meal and ultimately they will have to offer something else.  However, cooking on demand sends a wrong message.

Solution : Plan a meal where the kid can see at least one of his favorite food in it.  He may not complete the entire plate but definitely will explore all the food you have served. Say for example your kid loves Dal rice.  Try and make Palak Dal rice and get him to love greens


We were taught since childhood how important it is to not waste and finish off every bite in the plate. And since it is reinforced in our mind we expect a toddler to do the same.

Solution : Keep targets that will help you to help your child love food.  Aim for 1 tbsp as per the age of the child for each dish that needs to be completed. Say for example a 2 year old should complete 2 tbsp of veggies, 2 tbsp of Dal, 2 tbsp of salad, 2 tbsp of rice etc and be satisfied with it.

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids


It is a surprising fact that toddlers have more taste buds than we do.  So what may seem less spicy or less salty for us would be too spicy or too salty for them. I had not fed my lo salt till one year of age after I introduced our food he could not adjust to our salt consumption and hence rejected food.  It took me a lot of time to understand his behavior but that’s when I realized he has his own taste buds too

Solution  : Try and understand their taste preference.  And the weird part is they keep changing their taste pallet  depending on season,  teething times, growth etc.   Keep a check on their taste requirements and cook food matching their taste-buds


Don’t assume that if a child rejected a food once, that he or she will never like it again. It takes about 20 times of exposing the child to one food to get them to like it. Do not remove the food from the child’s diet.

Solution : keep introducing the food time to time say every 20 days and allow him to explore.  He may spit it out or may choose to eat it and make us feel lucky.

Kiaan never liked mangoes when the season started but when we had the last stash of mangoes before the rain began he ate it in a jiffy and we felt lucky.


Snack time is in a way a fun playtime that helps to improve the growth of the child.  Instead of offering biscuits, candies or fried foods that are high in calories, give them to munch something nutritious

Solution : Plan out your snacks in advance on what interval you will offer fruits,  proteins,  dairy products etc and stick to it.


It’s very much a parental attribute to reward a child for eating well.  And rewards are generally in form of sugar loaded sweets or junk food because let’s face it, who does not like junk!  Well it’s a big No No to reward a child to eat healthy. Eating healthy is not an accomplishment but a habit that we have to inculcate

Solution  : Don’t reward your child for completing veggies.  Always reward a child for good behavior and with non food products like a trip to park, bubble bath etc


Don’t you tell your kids, we will eat pizza on a Sunday only if you complete your veggies today or this week etc.  It’s  a wrong methodology to teach your child to eat. In fact the demands will keep increasing an there is never an end to it

Solution : follow the 80:20 rule in the house.  Everyday serve 80% healthy meal and give into your child’s demand once a day. The idea is he needs to understand between good and junk. He will eventually understand the difference and not create a fuss or demand unhealthy food. On the contrary, he will be satisfied and you never know,he may surprise you by saying NO he does not want to eat the sweet and opt for healthy food.

So for example, if he demands a sweet after completing his meal than give it to him and let him feel good about it. But dont make it an everyday thing. You need to balance out when to say a yes or a no.

10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids


Most of the Parents tell kids not to eat junk but eat in front of them.  You are setting a wrong example and the kid is ultimately going to throw a tantrum.

SolutionIf you don’t want your kid to eat fatty food like chips, jams etc then you yourself say goodbye to it and stop getting it home. When you don’t have it in your kitchen shelf there is no question of tantrums taking place


I guess this one tops the list.  Every person, a kid or an adult browses the phone or watches TV while eating.  I won’t get into how harmful it is but we all are servants to digital media these days.

Solution : Meal time is a Gadget Detox time and all you have to do is laugh,  play and enjoy good food with each other. So talk to them, sing rhymes and have some conversations.

So these were some 10 mistakes parents make while feeding food to their kids. You can be a smart parent and start working on your mistakes and make meal time fun rather than stressful.  And also if you like this article you are to like my foodarts which i make for fussy eaters and i hope that can help you in plating food creatively for your child so he/she consumes the meal in a jiffy.

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Learn to make some Fun DIY activity with Veggies for the Kids

Learn to make some Fun DIY activity with Veggies for the Kids

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3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

3 Amazing Ways to Make Drinking Milk Fun for Kids

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Fun Food Ideas with Cherries for kids

Fun Food Ideas with Cherries for kids

As a kid, I loved cherries simply because of it’s bright red colour. And as I grew old I enjoyed it in cakes and had a special love for this fruit.  It’s very rare kids don’t like cherries but as we all know some kids can get really fussy and for them I am sharing some Fun Food Ideas with Cherries for kids.

The goodness of Cherries

These little fruits manage to pack in a lot of important nutrients. These super healthy snacks contain ample calcium for a growing baby’s bones. They are also full of antioxidants to boost baby’s immune system (that’s what gives cherries their vibrant red colour), vitamin C, iron and potassium.

How to Choose Cherries 

Cherries are a very delicate fruit, it is important to always inspect before purchasing. Look for bright, smooth fruits that are unblemished and shiny. A general rule is the darker the cherry, the sweeter it tastes.

Now sharing some


1.Have it Raw. That’s the best way to consume cherries. But if your kid is on the fussy type or is glued to TV/ Mobile while eating. I’ll share a tip to how to break the habit. Make a simple foodart the way I have done. And I bet you are not going to hear the word NO.

Fun Food Ideas with Cherries for Kids

To make the foodart place the cherries as balloon shown in the picture above and make a sweet little girl enjoying/ playing with the balloons with some chocolate sauce.

2. Make a Cherry Puree

Put about a ½ pound of prepared cherries (washed and pitted) into a saucepan with a cup of water. Boil and allow to simmer for approximately 20 minutes, or until the juices run freely and the cherries are soft. Serve as topping or on bread etc

Let the cherries cool, then pureé in a blender!

3. Make lovely cherry ingredient recipes like cherry yogurt, cherry crumble and pies, cherry smoothies… the colours in itself will do the magic

I hope you enjoyed these Fun Food Ideas with Cherries for Kids. And hope you will try some variants for your kids. Do share your feedback and suggestion on the same and shower this post with some love

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Enjoy The IPL 2018 Cricket Mania

Enjoy The IPL 2018 Cricket Mania

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Your kids will love these vegetarian tacos

Your kids will love these vegetarian tacos

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#48 wanna play Tic Tac Toe with snacks ??

#48 wanna play Tic Tac Toe with snacks ??

As a kid, i was always too excited about snack time purely because if two reasons

  • I use to be extremely hungry since I use to come from school
  • My mom use to always serve hot snacks like upma, toast sandwich, theplas, dry Gujarati snacks etc

Well, as you grow old this becomes a part of every day routine unless you have kids because now you have demands, arguments and favourites.

As a mom, my job is to get their interest in food. And I just tried to make snack time fun by playing tic tac toe with some cookies, breadstick and ghatiyas. Well the game was also for an extra pair of cookies / chocolate ao we had a deal the one who wins gets an extra cookie or some chocolates. Whoever wins, i don’t mind but it takes me back to my childhood memories and makes living more beautiful.