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Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits

Fun Food Ideas for the Kids with Summer Fruits

I love doing foodart for the kids. It’s super cute.. right ? Well it may feel tasking for some mom’s, as you might think a lot of time and energy is needed to create a platter and plus you need to have a creative mindset. […]

Fun way to eat Watermelon

Fun way to eat Watermelon

One of the most versatile foods of summer season is the Watermelon. There is so much to love about this fruit. You can plan to keep it simple or use it in making salad, juices, granitas etc and much more. Honestly i enjoy the fruit […]

Watermelon Chia Cooler

Watermelon Chia Cooler

Watermelons are the best refreshments to beat off summer heat. As the temperature is on the rise so is the thirst to have coolers. Well, watermelons has been one of my favourites fruits, i thought of just having a simple cooler with a twist.

This time i made the watermelon juice along with a special ingredient which has been highly rated by health experts to use it in the diet – chia seeds. Although the juice tasted similar to the regular watermelon juice, the added texture of chia seeds gave an extra zing to the tastebuds.

With my first attempt hitting the bulls eye, here i am sharing the watermelon chia seeds cooler recipe with you for kids, adults, oldies etc..

Try it and give me your feedback


1. Watermelon 1 cup (de-sseded)

2. Chia seeds 1 tbsp

3. Honey 1 tbsp

4. Lemon juice 1tsp

5. Fresh mint (optional)


  • Soak the chia seeds in water 10 mins prior to preparing the juice
  • Mix watermelon, honey, lemon juice and fresh mint in a jar and blend it in the mixture
  • Add soaked chia seeds to the above Juice
  • Cool it for 15 mins in the fridge
  • Serve chilled