5 Mindful parenting tips during quarantine

5 Mindful parenting tips during quarantine

The current times have come as a hammer on the mental, physical, emotional & even spiritual well-being of every human being in the world, with its own degree of severity. While the mankind is known to bounce back from any calamity with stronger will and vigor, the pandemic has tested us like no other.

During these unprecedented times, it is of utmost importance that we shield our children, the future of our country, from any vagaries arising out. My aim is to continuously enhance the bond between parents and children, are happy to share some mindful parenting tips during this pandemic period:


  • The mind and the thought process of children is directly and most intensively affected by what their parents seed in them, by way of values, teachings, conversations and actions. Children get a strong sense of something having gone wrong with the world leading into a sub-optimal childhood experience. Parents can help overcome any sort of disorientation by instilling a lot of positive thoughts, constructive ideas to spend their time, showing mutual love, sharing stories of resilience from their past, singing and playing happy musicals, watching comic content together, etc. These little acts of reassurance help build an innate confidence and positivity in the child that there is a life worth living beyond these temporary interruptions.


  • This is a simple and very productive act of writing all that they are thankful for in their lives, however small it may be, however routine it may be. The best lesson learnt here is that happiness need not come in large doses in life and that one must not always wait for milestones to celebrate. Children who tend to thank their good fortunes are better equipped to tide over tough times in life, going ahead.


  • Communicate regularly with your children, more than ever before, all of the time.
  • You will know what’s residing in their minds –what is bothering them (most times, misplaced!), what’s misleading them, what’s motivating them – so that you can course correct before it gets entrenched deep enough to unearth. As a parent, you can always present a positive side of the coin, making the kid challenge their self-cultivated opinions, in turn for the better
  • The kids will learn that ‘there is indeed a light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how long’, thereby giving them the strength to pass through the tunnel with a smile on their face.


  • Focus on personal interaction, no ‘third party’ between you both
  • Let children run their mind all around and unleash their natural imaginative powers, something the humans are god-gifted, but un-utilized due to excessive mechanization in today’s world
  • Co-create stories – by playing ‘one-line each alternatively’ and add humor to it. Tell half the story and ask the child to complete it. Take turns. Un-follow convention, make your own rules. Teach the child the power of originality. Remember, a child will cherish their ‘mommy stories and papa stories’ much more than the You Tube stories in their life
  • You can employ gadgets only as fillers once in a while, but not at the core of their existence. Make your children the master-of-technology, not a slave to it.


  • Silence speaks louder than words. Enjoy downtime with your kids – one need not always be at the top of their volume in their house. Take a break from all noise, focus on each other, look at the each other and smile, communicate through eyes and expressions. It’s also fun. Children will understand & interpret unspoken words effectively, and learn to react accordingly, while dealing with varied personalities in their life. Not many parents do this, but silence is as effective as talking, sometimes.
  • Write your secret wishes on a piece of paper and exchange. Know what’s breeding in their little minds. Talk about it and encourage them. Help them achieve their desires. Empower them with knowledge, tools, love and care.

These were some mindful parenting tips that could be helpful to you during and post pandemic times. After all we all have slowed down, we don’t know when normalcy would be established and these mindful tips can be great for you and me as parents.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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