Visit to the ice-cream parlour

Visit to the ice-cream parlour

Summer’s are here and kids are enjoying their vacation time by joining summer activities, going on a holiday, visiting grannies etc. As I recollect my childhood times, we too use to visit our granny ( nana-nani) and have a blast since I was out of mom’s supervision.

As i unfold my memories, there is one ritual we use to follow at my grandma’s house and i.e visit to the ice-cream parlour right in our society. Every day at 4:00 pm an ice-cream vendor would get his cart in our society. As soon as we use to hear his bell ring, me, my cousins and the entire building kids use to come down to eat an ice-cream. We typically had 4-5 flavours to choose from but the entire process use to get smiles on our face.

As these memories are still alive in my heart, I have decided to share the same through my foodart. So follow me as It’s time to visit the ice-cream parlour.

I have made this ice-cream cart using

  • krack jack biscuits
  • salads like – carrots, tomato and cucumber
  • gems and bread

I wanted to share my childhood journey with my kid and so i can share stories on how we found simplicity in those days. Whereas today we are surrounded by gelatos, sundae’s etc. This is a best way how a storytelling can take place between two different generations and more so ever kids learn to eat well.

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