Winter Foods to give your kids this season

Winter Foods to give your kids this season

The winter season has arrived in some parts of our country. However this year we have seen some unfortunate changes in our ecology. The rains did not stop until November . The October heat was pushed to November , infact  Mumbai still has not seen the onset of winters. Considering such climatic disorders kids can be susceptible to cold, cough and skin dryness, and hence I am sharing ways on how what kind of winter foods should be given to your kids this season.

Winter Foods to give your kids this season

  1. The begining of the day should begun with the traditional food our ancestors ate and we ate when we were young – i.e Chawanprash. there are various ayurvedic and natural properties in the mixture which helps to build the immunity of your child. There are various brands like Dabur, Patanjali, Zandu etc available in the market. if your kids don’t like Chawanprash on the whole you can try giving the toffee form curated by D.Vaidya
  2. The intake of variety of Dryfruits should be on rise. We all give almonds, cashew, raisins ,pistachios.. but this season we should add in lots of figs, anjeer, dates along with dried berries like blackberry, mulberries in your child diet
  3. Special variety of greens like Sarson Da saag, Spinach, Val Papdi, Oondhiyo etc should find it’d way in our meals giving kids to explore and learn more about healthy eating varieties
  4. Purple Yams, Sweet Potatoes, Radish ad lots of underground rooted vegetables should also be a part of our meal. the intake of fresh garlic, fresh ginger and fresh turmeric etc should take place vis-à-vis the dried forms
  5. Vegetable soup loaded with different veggies can serve as a good evening snack option again boosting healthy and immunity of your child. You can add toppers like cream, salt and pepper to make it appealing for kids
  6. Most of us restrict giving sweets to our child, but in my opinion homemade gajjar ka halwa, dudhi ka halwa does wonder for a child instead of giving them cakes, chocolates. After all desi mithai’s are loaded with ghee, milk, carrot or bottle gourd which is very good for the health of your little one
  7. This season one can introduce wholesome grains apart from traditional wheat like bajra, jowar, nacnhi. somehow kids are more receptive to try these alternatives.
  8. Seasonal fruits are a must. Be it strawberries, kiwi, grape, pears..its very important to give children seasonal fruits. You can give it difrectly in form of salad, or milkshake or a smoothie, any way your kid would love to admire it
  9. Last but not the least, I would like to emphasize on intake of amla or indian gooseberry in the diet. Since it is high on vitamin C level one can give this to a child in the form of murraba, amla candy or even in the form of pickle. Amla is one of the ingredient which is good for skin, hair and also boost your immunity level.

Well these are some of my suggestion on Winter Foods to give your kids this season. After all they say, winter food is all about providing warmth to your child and keeping them healthy and fit. All we can do is include some combinations of the above ingredients and serve to our child.


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