7 ways to energise yourself so that parenting does not feel exhausting

7 ways to energise yourself so that parenting does not feel exhausting
A couple of weeks back i had been on crazy wedding spree with my toddler that i had drained out all my energy taking care of him, managing the back-end supplies needed in the wedding, comforting the guest and playing a full time role as a parent, wife, daughter in law that all my energies had burned and died out making me look and feel weak  as ever . However when i was coming back and  had boarded a flight back to mumbai, the flight attendants announcement got my attention. And it said…  “if the oxygen masks drop down, you should first put on your own mask, and ‘then assist small children.’’
A super simple statement but an important parenting advice for life in general. Yes, our children have many needs that need to be met, and even more desires they would like you to fulfill. But in order to have the energy to care for them, you need to make sure that you’re also taking care of yourself!
As moms, it’s easy to get worn down, worn out, and exhausted. We are constantly caring for other people and if we aren’t careful, we’ll just completely burn out. Its important to Take a few whiffs of parenting oxygen now so that it helps to rejuvenate you. I know most of us feel the same but don’t know when to get started or rather how .. With this in mind, i am sharing few tips on how i renergize myself so that i enjoy and keep a calm nerve for mommy duties

1. Remove Some of the Drains

I read a book “Leading on Empty” and was so challenged by the author’s encouragement to make a list of those things that drain you and those things that energize you. When I made my list, I realized that things were very lopsided in my life: I was doing a lot more things that drained me and very few things that energized me.
Can I encourage you to try this exercise sometime this week? It may just be as eye-opening to you as it was to me!

2. Make Real-Life Friendships a Priority

Even if you’re an introvert like me, friendships are a necessity. Make them a priority. Ask your friend over for lunch. Say “yes” to the park playdate. Call or text your friend to see how she’s doing if you haven’t heard from her in a while.
Now, I must be quick to say that, if you’re a social butterfly, you might be burning yourself out by having too much social interaction. You might need to cut back and set some boundaries on how many social engagements or ministry opportunities so that you have more margin in your day.
Find a healthy balance that works for you. But whatever that healthy balance is, I promise you that it does not consist of you hiding away in your home as a hermit!

3. Shut the Electronics Down an hour prior to sleeping 

I have made a duty to shut down browsing internet or watching netflix at least an hour prior to sleep. I don’t always accomplish this, but I’ve found that I always wake up more energized and refreshed when I do.

4. Take a Hot Cold Shower

It may sound absurd but since the time i switched from hot showers to a hot cold shower format my body feels recharged, refreshed, and reconnected with my soul and it’s been the best decisions to keep the energy running.
All i do is start with warm water switch to cold and again warm and cold and end the shower with cold water

5. Get Up Early

I had been a morning person once upon a time. But erratic working hours, hubby’s time table etc got me in the habit of staying awake at nights. but ever since i have started my morning ritual, I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes!
I dare you to try getting up 15 to 30 minutes before the rest of your family for 3-4 weeks and just see if it makes a difference. If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up having a lot more energy and productivity by getting a head start on your day.

6. Exercise

30 mins a day is all you need to renergize. Studies have shown that regular, moderate exercise fights fatigue and releases feel-good endorphins. Plus, when you’re fit, your body works more efficiently, so everything you do will feel easier and you’ll be better able to get through your day without hitting a wall of exhaustion

7. Listen to music and even sing loudly

This might seem a little crazy, but it’s just about near impossible to be despondent when you’re singing at the top of your lungs. In fact, I’ve found that even when I’m exhausted,  I turn on some upbeat music and start singing, I’m infused with a complete renewal of energy. Try it sometime and see if you prove me wrong!
Well these are some of my hacks that helps me to  energize myself so that i am not exhausted performing parenting duties


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  • Superb post, totally relatable. We do tend to lose ourselves with our hectic & stressful daily schedule. And, when it comes to giving back to the family, we really can’t be happy all the time. It’s important to indulge in some self love & self care routines. We really can’t pour from an empty cup. Practical & helpful tips 👍 btw I am scared of trying hot & cold shower. 😄

  • Amazing and insightful post. Very useful and beneficial tips to renergize and keep a calm nerve for mommy duties. Healthy balance is best for the kids and moms. Great thoughts.

  • Energizing your self is very important as we all get exhausted due to our monotonous schedule. And the 7 ways that you’ve mentioned are easy and can be followed by all.

  • These seven tips are all I needed to know right now. I hope my kids return to school from the coming week, so that life can return to some normalcy. Thanks for your tips 😊

  • Every idea of yours seems to be a life savior especially the listening to music idea and a cold shower one are truly effective. We need time to ourselves for a rejuvenating break from parenting.

  • To have a me time is important even if you are a parent. You are a human too. It’s important to take care of yourself then only you can stay sane. Great tips.

  • Wow loved ur post nice tips to go with & follow self care & relaxing of individuals is so important well explained in ur post ty for sharing wonderful post.

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