How do you cook a turkey outside?

Brush with olive oil; salt and pepper to taste. Preheat your gas grill to 500 degrees then turn the burners down to a medium flame. Place your turkey breast side up in a roasting pan and position on the grill rack; cook for approximately 11-13 minutes per pound, or until the thermometer reaches 180 degrees.

How do I cook a turkey without an oven?

5 Ways to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey Without an Oven

  1. Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey. If you have a grill with a lid and a bag of hickory chips you can smoke a turkey. …
  2. Deep-Fried Thanksgiving Turkey. …
  3. Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Turkey. …
  4. Grilled Thanksgiving Turkey.

How do you grill a turkey without an oven?


Simply place your turkey in a roasting pan on your grill with the lid down and cook for about 1.5 hours for a ten pounder. This method works better without any stuffing to ensure that the meat is cooked thoroughly.

How long does it take to cook a turkey in the pit?

Cook approximately 3.5-7 hours, depending on size of the bird. To better understand poultry cook times and safe temperatures, refer to the Meat Temperature Guide from our friends at Tip: It’s fun and useful to look in on the turkey every couple hours to monitor the progress and take the temperature.

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How do you cook a turkey without electricity?

Set the turkey in a foil pan and put the pan over the burner that’s not on. Try to keep the temperature at a constant 325-350 degrees. Using a kettle-style grill is like using a convection oven. Indirect heat from the charcoal reflects off the inside of the grill lid and circulates around the turkey for even cooking.

Can I cook turkey on the stove?

You can’t cook a whole turkey on a pan on the stove, but you can turn to these oven-free methods instead. People usually cook a turkey in the oven. … Once you decide to use the stovetop to cook a turkey, you’ve got options — you can poach, braise, sauté, steam or pressure cook the bird.

Can you cook a turkey without a bag?

​Aluminum foil:​ If the lid doesn’t fit securely, you can cover the roasting pan with aluminum foil or wrap the turkey loosely in aluminum foil. … The turkey is covered with foil, so you can cook at a higher heat, which can cut down on your cooking time, per the USDA.

How can I have Thanksgiving without an oven?

20 Thanksgiving Dishes You Can Make Without A Stove

  1. Caprese tomato tower salad.
  2. Sweet potato toasts.
  3. Light avocado-crab salad.
  4. Fig, prosciutto, and goat cheese salad.
  5. Quick pickled cucumber salad.
  6. Roasted parmesan asapragus.
  7. Arugula and grapefruit salad with dill ranch dressing.
  8. Slow cooker turkey breast.

How do you cook a pit?

Pit cooking is exactly what it sounds like: dig a big ol’ hole in your backyard, throw in some hot coals, throw in some meat, and wait a while. OK, there’s a little more to it than that, but not much. And the result—tender, juicy, smoky meat that practically melts in your mouth—is totally worth the effort.

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What do you put in a deep pit turkey?

Use hard woods (hardwoods, when burned, hold heat better). Build a fire in the pit and let it burn rapidly for at least 1 hour. Make sure that you burn all the wood down to a big bed of coals. The pit should be almost filled with ashes and coals, approximately 2- to 3-inches deep.

Can you cook a turkey underground?

Somewhere in the 12- to 15-pound range is best. You can also cook a wild turkey or goose underground. Dig the Oven: The cooking hole needs to be at least 3 feet deep. … Remove any of the innards, gizzard bags, gravy bags, or whatever else might be inside the turkey.

How do I season my turkey IMU?

Melt 1 stick of butter and add liquid smoke. Pour some inside turkey cavities and the rest all over outside of turkey. Use 2 handfuls of Hawaiian Salt(or sea salt) and 3 T of black pepper and mix together. Season inside and outside of turkey well with mix.