Enjoy The IPL 2018 Cricket Mania

Enjoy The IPL 2018 Cricket Mania

Hi fellas,

This is my 50th Foodart on the blog and I am so happy to achieve this milestone. I can’t be more than grateful to all of you for motivating me time to time and appreciating my work. It is because of your positive spirit, I have been able to reach at the current number in like 6 months, I had never dreamed off. And what could be a better way to celebrate this milestone with the love of cricket. So let’s enjoy the IPL 2018 Cricket Mania.

Having said that, I had asked everyone through my Insta Account on how can I celebrate my 50th post and I got some amazing response from moms and friends on what could be my next foodart. Going by the current demand, I choose to ride on the cricket mania by creating a foodart on IPL2018 for all the cricket lovers out there.

IPL is one of the biggest sport festival in our country.This year is the 11th edition of IPL with two teams back in action i.e Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

Cricket Fanatics are going crazy and so am I, not because I love cricket but the Men in my house have just one thing to do i.e Enjoy the IPL 2018 Cricket Mania and all I can do is enjoy with them in my way.

As typical Indian’s we are, our mouth can’t stay lonely while we watch a movie/ sport etc. And all we do is munch on some fats ..ya chips, coke, bhajiyas those are fats aren’t they ? and are glued to the TV sets. So this time Instead of cribbing about it, I sunk myself in the craziness of IPL and created a platter with one of the protein rich food – Moong Dal Chila.

Well nothing creative with the recipe, but just little different way of styling the food for the men of the house.  After all it’s IPL time !!!

Curious to know, what i did ? Well just catch on my video and make this IPL platter for your family, the way i did.

Did you enjoy it Mommies?? Do share your feedback.

And since many of you suggested to make videos, this is my first attempt in making stop photo video. Do give your feedback as well, As I plan  to create more of this in future.

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