Pavbhaji food styling for kids

Pavbhaji food styling for kids

Hi Moms, I am sure by this time you might have read the Hariyali Pavbhaji recipe i posted few hours ago.  As promised, I am here to share a foodart I made using the hariyali pavbhaji and original pavbhaji so that your kids can learn to eat food without being fussy. I hope you enjoy my pavbhaji food styling for kids.

The foodart made with pavbhaji seems to be simplest of all. But it takes persistence to plate a semi solid – gravy based food.  These are some simple ideas I have come up with which can be easily done by you.

  1. Original Pavbhaji – Have made a cat looking snapchat filter using red bhaji, cheese, olives

2. Hariyali Pavbhaji – Have made a cactus plant making use of  hariyali bhaji, tomato and pav

I hope you will enjoy these two lovely foodart done by me and create something beautiful for your child so the kid is completely off TV/ Mobile and focuses on food while eating his meal.

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