Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Do you know any kid who is not in love with cookies and biscuits. ? Well i know my little fellow could be a brand ambassador of cookie culture. He loves, savors and relishes cookies and it is one of his regular evening snacks.

But as a mom I have always worried about his cookies consumption simply because of lack of nutrition and over usage of sugars and artificial flavours. Although there are products which claim their cookies are made of “wholewheat”, “fibre-rich” or “oatmeal”, the actual proportion of wholewheat, fibre and oats may be just 5-10% (within limits prescribed by food safety regulator) while the remaining composition is of unhealthy refined flour.

Also under the kids and baby food segment, I  encountered cookies which are organic in nature, but my little one refused to consume it on account of taste, or lack of easy availability and still some had high percentage of sugar.

As you all know, i believe in the goodness of indian ingredients and I wanted my kid to enjoy cookies but at the same time wanted traditional ingredients like cookies made out of jaggery and flour like Nachni, Amaranth, Sattu Maavu and i finally stumbled upon this lovely mom founded organic brand named “EARLY FOODS” that focused into offering traditional indian food in a modernized way that would frame a healthy lifestyle habit.

“EARLY FOODS” strongly promotes to feed Fresh, Natural and Chemical Free Food to the Children. With the purity in the companies objective, they have used their insights to create a wide range of cookies that is specially designed and formulated keeping young kids in mind.



Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids



Early Foods Cookies come in conventional packaging, with a cuboidal cardboard box and a food grade on the inner side. 

The good part is the packaging clearly mentions there is no refined sugar, no baking powder/soda or raising agents, no artificial preservatives – making it 100% chemical free, thereby allowing purchasing decision to happen smoothly

Overall the packing is simple, colourful with not very kiddish outlook but ensuring the cookies don’t crumble within to disappoint the kids.


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kidsThey stick to the claim of offering pure jaggery flavored cookies. The flavour of jaggery is so distinctive that it seeps even in the chocolate flavoured cookie.

Some of you may even find the cookie to be a littler harder and lacking smoothness, but that is because of the whole-grains flour used. Refine foods melt in your mouth but whole-grains food need to be chewed well, so if you find it hard just dip it in milk and feed your kid.

The cookie texture and taste reminds me of my childhood days on how my grandmom use to make biscuits at home, when there were no ovens and still it use to turn out crunchy and yummy. Similarly, bcaz of the use of ancient ingredients like ragi, sattu maavu etc. combined with jaggery there is an outburst of indian flavours which you would want your kids to explore.

Also, the cookies are not super sweet in taste but i rather say its perfectly sweet, making it easily edible & enticing the tastebuds.


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Early Foods currently offers 6 different variants of cookies

  • Organic Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Multigrain Sattu Maavu Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Ragi Amaranth Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Dry Fruit Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Gluten Free Jaggery Cookies
  • Organic Beetroot Jaggery Cookies

They make use of whole organic food-grains, organic jaggery and cow butter. Non organic ingredients include various nuts & seeds, spices, milk, & others.

My kid relishes dry fruit, ragi choco and gluten free flavoured cookies. I believe this is the only brand which offers such a good mix of traditional ingredients and flavours.


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

A 150 pack of cookies contain around 14 cookies . You may find the size of the biscuit small but unlike others it has dense nutrition content. I would recommend to give your kid 1-2 biscuits a day. My toddler is 2 years old and 2 biscuits help to ease out his hunger pangs. A;s 


Review of Early Foods Jaggery Cookies for toddlers and kids

Keeping in fact the goodness of  this brand – offering 100% chemical free products, making use of jaggery instead of refined sugar, making use of whole-grains instead of maida or other unhealthy substitutes, i would happily pay Rs199/- for a pack of cookies.

Also the brand offers some lovely combo packs – like a pack of 2 or 4 which cost almost 25% less then the actual MRP, thereby ensuring a pack of cookie comes at a value of Rs150/- .

Considering in line with most artisanal brand charge which also do not provide such healthy alternatives, spending this amount works for me. After all, as a mother i would never want to compromise on the food i give to my child considering the fact a mom brand has taken care of my needs and made a product of my choice available to me.


Basis my experience with other brand and this, I feel Early Foods has stuck to its vision of providing chemical free, organic natural food. Plus the elimination of refined sugar does the magic for me. As far as my child feels his mom is offering a tasty snack and he looks forward to it, the brand has fulfilled it’s promise to appeal the child and make moms life easy.

If you found this information useful and enjoyed my review of early foods jaggery cookies than you can visit the brands website “Early Foods” for more details. Also, you can find this product online on amazon, firstcry, baby chakra, big basket etc.

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