A road trip to the indian farms with a toddler

A road trip to the indian farms with a toddler

As parents, entertaining a toddler in summer season or rather vacations is always a task. No matter how much we indulge them in summer workshops, get them to play outdoors or in a play area, channelizing their energy is one of the toughest things to do.

Well, this makes us to get creative and I often land up painting with my little one or doing some DIY activity. But one of the mid summer weekends my husband surprised us by organizing a travel trip to the Indian farms with a toddler.

We set off to a very off beat destination in Maharashtra – Deolali which is quite near to Nasik. Thankfully, we had our friends second home and were not worried about our stay. But the question was why Deolali in particular?

A road trip to the Indian farms with my toddler
Indian Farm

I got to know some interesting facts about this beautiful place

  • It was a no-industrial zone thereby ensuring agriculture was one of the primary source of income
  • It falls under the army cantonment zone which makes the town to follow army policies which we all know is pretty stringent and good in a way
  • Third – the place is surrounded with greenery with beautiful old banyan trees and amazing farmland even in these hot months, which is a rare sight in India.

But facts are facts unless you live by it. And the fun started when we began a road trip to visit the indian farms.

Initially, Kiaan was super excited to see cows and play with calf’s over there. He  generally refrains from touching animals but here he did not want to leave the cute baby calf.  He fed them hay and jaggery ladoo, saw the process of how we milk the cows and got some fresh milk for himself to drink at our home.

A road trip to the Indian farms with a toddler
Kiaan playing with the calf

He loved exploring the farms and would walk in right away. He played with mud and got all messy and even tried to identified vegetables and tell me to eat it all. The farmers there were so loving that they offered us fresh produce of cabbage, cauliflower, ladyfinger on daily basis with practically no money. I remember buying one cauliflower during our return trip to Mumbai for just Rs 5/-.

We even got him to explore a nursery farm – a place where the owner grows the sapling of a particular vegetable and farmers buy the sapling and graft them in their fields making the growth process faster. Kiaan was given a chilli plant which we have planted in our small pot and waiting it to bloom.

A road trip to the indian farm with a toddler
Kiaan holding a chilly plant sapling

But what excited him the most was the little water tank in the farms where he could splash the water and get wet and enjoy the moment.

Although the trip was a short one, I realized the potential benefits and learning’s my son received

  • Sensory Opportunities – like the textures of the animal fur, the dryness of the hay, the wet grass and the smooth vegetables and the unusual smell of mud, hay, flowers etc
  • Appreciation of Nature – One of the most basic knowledge on where food comes from and how it grows etc., is well understood and the recall factor is very high
  • Best source of live academic information
  • A great inspiration towards leading a healthy life as we can craft stories and share information to the kids in the best possible manner
A road trip to the Indian farms with a toddler
Farm Nursery

Personally for me, thIs rodt trip to the Indian farms proved to be the best development opportunity in these vacations, and I would suggest all parents whenever you are off to countryside plz go to such farms and let your kids explore the non urban lifestyle in the best form.

I hope you enjoyed my first musing on travel, I also write about food, parenting in general and family. You can check my work in the musings section of the magic platter.

At the same time let me tell you, i am inspired by my blogger friend Neha from growingwithnemit to share my opinion on travel. Do check out her blog as she has recently also written a book on travel with toddlers.

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